I want to be with you throughout our future and all the way to the end of it. I want you all, with all your perfections and imperfections, with your ridiculous eyebrows, sassy comments and that small smile you give only me. I love you Derek Hale and I want to spend my life with you. I want to wake up next to you every morning. I want to give you cheesy goodbye kisses when you drop me off at work. I want you to make me dinners like you always do when I sleep over. I want you to persuade me to leave the word aside and just lay with you on the couch, watching TV. Damn, I want to grow old with you. Just that and everything at the same time. I want it all. The whole story.”

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If you could write any kind of sterek lawyers au I would be SO HAPPY! <333 Also congrats on being an amazing human being! :D

You are too sweet. :D Thanks, love. Hope you like it!

When Stiles walks into court and sees the DA his client is up against, he almost lets out a groan.

Of course it’s Derek fucking Hale, the DA who’s got it in his head that everyone is guilty and deserves to be punished as harsh as they can instead of letting them go away with a fine or hours of community service. It’s like it’s his personal mission to ensure that no one dare commit a crime because they’ll have to answer to him (as opposed to you know the police, or their own conscience). The problem is, Derek probably actually believes it. Stiles isn’t sure what kind of guilt Derek feels he’s gotta repent for, but the dude could really use a spa day and a massage. Stiles would gladly offer too because the guy is hot, and those well-tailored suits he always wears have fueled plenty of late-night personal time sessions.

“Hello, Derek,” Stiles says because even though he’s dreading facing him he can still be nice and civil.

“Stiles.” He nods his head and undoes the button on his blazer before he sits down.

“So… whatdya say you take it easy on my client today? I really don’t think stealing cat food because he couldn’t afford it deserves prison time, do you?” There’s no one there yet, his client nor the judge, so he has a little bit of time. He sits on the desk in front of Derek, just his right butt cheek all casual like he’s just shutting the bull.

Derek looks down at Stiles’s knee propped up in front of him and back up to Stiles, an eyebrow raised. “You don’t, huh?”

“No, I don’t. So, come on, Derek. What do you say? If you let him off, gently, you could go home early, relax, get a massage.” He leans in closer, even wiggles his eyebrows a little at Derek.

“You offering?”

Stiles lifts a shoulder, leans forward, his palms resting on the desk in front of him for balance. “Maybe.”

Derek smirks. “Did you just try to bribe me to get your client off?”

Stiles backs up quickly, standing from the desk. “What? No! That’s not–”

He’s still spluttering, cheeks pink, when his client walks in. Derek smirks at him again before he goes back to his notes, and Stiles has to tend to his client.


The case closes with his client getting thirty hours of community service as penalty, and before Derek walks off for his next case, he leaves a note for Stiles that gives a time, an address, and the instructions to bring oil.

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You should totally write this jock!Stiles and nerd!Derek au :D PLEASEEEEEE? I have birhday soon! Okay, in two months, but still! JUST A SHORT LITTLE FIC? *Scott puppy eyes*


It happens because of his fingers. 

Because of the long line of his neck and the way he licks his lips and because Ms. Blake made him switch seats with Erica two weeks into the school year because he was talking to Scott McCall too much. 

(He still talks a lot, it’s just quieter and directed at Derek now.) 

It happens because Stiles is on the lacrosse team and sometimes he has morning practices. On these days he runs into class three seconds before the bell rings, face flushed and hair still damp from the showers. Also on these days, water droplets tend to roll down his cheek and into the hollow of his throat and Derek has to spend 50 minutes making a concerted effort not to stare too obviously.   

(Sometimes he fails and Stiles will catch him looking and the tips of Derek’s ears will burn pink for hours after.)

It happens because Ms. Blake assigns a group project instead of a midterm and Derek and Stiles get paired together.  

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Hoechlin said something like that too, so I think they must be drunk, at least a little, but god, so adorable!!!

I mean really I bet Hoechlin would wrap himself around all his castmember buddies all the time if it wasn’t considered clingy and weird. This is probably Hoechlin at his Hoechlin-iest, aided by intoxication.

Just soft sweaters and hugs and nuzzles and bunny nose twitches


Sterek Fic: With the City Below - T, 2k words

With the City Below (2062 words) by frek
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Lawyers, Alternate Universe, First Kiss, Drinking, sterek, Suits and Ties
Summary: Okay so maybe it’s a post case celebration. It’s the first case Derek let Stiles take the lead on and he had won and Derek couldn’t be more proud. (Suits inspired lawyer AU)
Notes: Written for the incredible aeveenien for her birthday. <3

- - -
As always, you can read below, or click the link above to read it on AO3

And don’t forget to check out the lovely art geeky-sova drew to go with this fic. <3
- - -

Derek led Stiles through the office after they arrived back from the courthouse. The smiles seemingly plastered on both their faces spoke volumes about the case Stiles had tried just a few short hours before. It had been the first case Derek had let him take solo and he had come out on top. Stiles was ecstatic, riding the high of his first win, and Derek couldn’t have been more proud of his protégé. They had stayed after court had been adjourned, discussing the details with their client before taking their leave and heading back to the office, intending to finish up the paperwork before calling it a weekend.

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I actually love you and all your positive Sterek! right now it just seems like my dash is currently full of Stalia vs Stydia and lots of passive aggressive anti-shipping, all the negativity sucks. There seems to be a lack of Sterek on my dash since they started to err away from Derek & Stiles interaction on the show. Could you possibly recommend any other positive Sterek blogs or fics that aren't fandom classics but still good?

Hmmm well there are a couple on here that aren’t really Sterek classics. Like I said in that ask, though, I’m super picky about following people so I actually only have a small number of blogs that I’m following at the moment. 

steamgiraph is also really good for posting Sterek artwork. 




At moment that’s most of the ones I have. I hardly ever see positive Stalia or Stydia on my dash (not counting brotp: Stydia, which I’m all for) if that tells you anything. I also have those pairings blacklisted, but I can still see that the post is there even if I don’t open it. 

Oh and zainclaw, just bc I forgot to put it on my last rec list. ;)

the day someone reports hoechlin as doing or saying something shitty, the WORLD WILL STOP SPINNING AND PLANTS WILL STOP GROWING AND PUPPIES WILL STOP PLAYING WITH PUPPY TOYS AND CATS WILL STOP PURRING AND do you see where i’m going with this. it’ll never happen because it’s not in the natural order of the universe.

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Hi, I'm Rena, I'm one of the coolest people in this fandom, I have an awesome rec list and an excellent taste in fics (and everything else), I'm super nice, I make the best gif set aus EVER and I also can write amazing fics and Heaven Keep Us Apart will be one of the most epic fic ever when I finish it, I just don't want to overwhelm you with this epicness so I'm taking my time. In one word? AWESOME.

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Julie, this not!fic about massages was the best thing ever and it made me smile so hard and I just want a 50K fic abut it, okay, someone should write it, fandom needs that!


I was gonna work on some other stuff today so if anyone wants to riff some more on Derek’s massage parlor misadventures I WILL NOT STAND IN YOUR WAY

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Ally, are you still there? I'm worried!

Hey sweetie!! 

Don’t be worried i’m still here, I’ve just been EXTREMELY BUSY with real life this semester (coursework and projects and homework and theatre rehearsals and theatre labs…the list is frankly kind of ridiculous). 

It’s been nonstop since January which is why I’ve barely been on (and why i still havent finished those auction fics IM SORRY I SUCK!!!!) ANYWAY thanks for checking in!! I miss you! And sterek! And the semester is winding down, so I should have some blessed free time in May.

I’m going to post this in case anyone else is wondering since I guess i kind of went on an unplanned, unofficial hiatus. <3