Whispers in the Aether

A story is brewing….
Almost every time I make a new piece of jewellery or an accessory for my Etsy shop, fragments of story assemble themselves in my head as I upcycle discarded treasures into my latest designs.

That is why, in many of my item listings, you will find a snippet of descriptive prose in amongst the specifics of the piece.

Now, I’m a devoted LRPer (live roleplayer) and my latest character has somewhat influenced a new range of pieces. In fact, I became so inspired that the character of The Navigatrix has developed and a new story has defiantly pushed its way forth.

This new inspiration is much more than a range of jewellery. It is essentially a new fictitious culture, a character type that any adventurous Steampunk is welcome to become. I have invited a few respected makers to share the concept and produce their own items, based on the same inspirations.

I’ve even found someone whose existing Steampunk character is already so compatible with my idea that he’s happily agreed to be a part of this. My new friend has been helping me to write more of the story.

Am I a writer? Not as such, though through the experience of many different roleplay characters I am happy to call myself a participatory storyteller. I’m looking for people to tell this story with (and if they happen to purchase some of my creations, I’ll be a happy bunny!)

Starting on February 2nd, to coincide with the Steampunk Hands around the World month long event, I’ll begin to reveal the story, show you my new creations and wait eagerly to hear from anyone whose character concept might fit.

The name of these tribal, dimension hopping metaphysicists?

The Aether Nomads.