aethereal beauty

I made this just because Lusamine is my favorite villain… What would happen if she had gotten all the Ultra beasts??? Would she make a world beautiful enough for her??? Anyeay, I hope everyone that sees this drawing likes it…

ok but we still have no explanation whatsoever why the fuck nihilego and pheromosa looks so much like lillie and lusamine

buzzwole was theorized to be gladion but I think he’s more like necrozma because of the edginess

i’m gonna escort myself out thank you


[I tried to make a fancy graphic but I wasn’t happy with any of it so here I go and write. 

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                Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~  “This is what you blew your cover for? This runt?”

                ୨୧~   “Harold.”

            Neither was fond of Barbatos Goetia. The man was a vicious brute and a traitor,
            and needed to be watched constantly. However, this time the Berselius twins
            differed on what kind of job he’d done. Harold was unhappy, to say the least, and
            in some ways he understood. A Swordian was the finest weapon the Aetherians
            possessed for hand-to-hand combat and spellwork, the crafting was exquisite, and
            Harold did not want to give someone like Barbatos one. At least, not unless there
            was significant gain to be had from it.

            He understood, he truly did. And someone else might have been preferable. Igtenos,
            or Clemente. If they broke Igtenos they could dismantle the spy network he was sure
            existed here. If they picked Clemente, it would remove one of the biggest thorns in
            their side when it came to actual ground battles. Clemente was fearsome on the
            battlefield. Even capturing Dymlos would have dealt the Er'thers a significant blow.

            But unlike Harold, who was certain the silver-haired man restrained in front of them
            was no one special, the strategist recognized him from reports. Barbatos was not
            lying; This was a high ranking Er'ther officer, if the most junior of the bunch.

                    “Harold, meet Major Pierre de Chaltier.”

            That made her go quiet.

            Of course, then the brute chimed in. “Hahahaha. Listen to your brother.”

            She was still unhappy, and shot Karell an annoyed look, but Harold was still not talking,
            which meant she saw the potential here. He might have to say something to her later.
            He wasn’t trying to upset Harold or cut her down in front of the brute, but Barbatos had
            done what he’d promised. She would have to do her job in return.

                    “… I see. Take him to the high-security cells. Then come to my lab, Lieutenant
                    Goetia. We will run the necessary tests.”

            Yes, he’d definitely need to soothe her bruised ego somehow. For now she’d given
            herself an out, and turned on her heel, and though she might look calm to most
            individuals he knew she was trying not to storm off. Some poor assistant was going
            to get their head bitten off.

                    “I assume you’ve checked him for any hidden Lens?”

                    “Do I look like an idiot to you, Berselius?”

            Mostly, yes, but he wasn’t going to pick a fight with Barbatos in front of the prisoner. It
            wasn’t productive and a fight would undoubtedly cause environmental damage the
            Major might use to escape. “Then take him to the cells. From then on I’ll be
            responsible for his interrogation.”

Are the Ultra Beasts Pokemon?

Ok, so a few days ago I posted a Mellow frames about the Ultra Beasts that were leaked in Corocoro for Pokémon Sun and Moon ( For those who don’t know, here’s a picture of them. 

Now I and many others immediately noticed that UB-02 Beauty looks suspiciously like Lusamine the president of the Aether Foundation. Many others have already noticed that UB01 looks like Lillie the mysterious professor assistant. Now in my post I referred to them as Pokémon and I got a few people responding to me that they aren’t. 

Honestly, I never considered this. The UBs aren’t Pokémon, but more like Pokémon like characters you can fight, but not catch. This theory is backed up by the fact that UB01 (the only Ultra Beast officially revealed by Nintendo so far) is not listed under Pokémon on the official site. Here’s what they do describe Ultra Beasts as: 

They are Mysterious Creatures that pose a threat to Pokémon. Now what could these Ultra Beasts be if not Pokemon. My guess, and many others’ guesses are that they are human-Pokémon hybrids probably created by the Aether Foundation.  This is supported by the fact that UB01 & UB02 Beauty look like Lillie & Lusamine. Lusamine did evil experiments on her daughter (or sister) Lillie creating UB01, then did some stuff to herself making herself UB02 Beauty (I don’t know why the Buff Mosquito isn’t called UB03, maybe it’s a different form of UB02 Beauty). Another theory that many haven’t considered is that these beasts already existed and are simply emulating the forms of Lillie and Lusamine. This is supported by UB01′s description. 

There are two reasons why I want the Ultra Beasts to not be Pokémon. 

1. If they’re not Pokémon you can catch, then they can provide unique boss battles. Do things that would break the game if they were given to regular (or even legendary) Pokémon. I’m hoping for a higher difficulty this time ( XY was way too easy) so I’m excited if this is the case. It wouldn’t be surprising at this point since Sun and Moon is already the most unique game in the main series of Pokémon. 

2. If UB01 is Lillie and UB02 is Lusamine, then it would be really messed up to be able to catch them and force them to fight for you. Like seriously, it would not be cool. 

So those are my thoughts on the matter, please share your thoughts on the matter. Let’s get a discussion going. I’m honestly excited to learn more. 

                             “My sweet Pokémon… 

I promise I’ll keep you safe… 

I'll protect you with my love…“

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