Jurassic Park

So, it’s funny that the douchebag was mentioning raptor screeches earlier because we just got back from this vacation and I got a cold so I drank a lot of Nyquil and popped in ye olde Jurassic Park.

I didn’t see the new 3D version but I thought a lot of the effects still held up pretty well. Some of them were a bit Phantom Menacey but the T-Rex at night looked good.

I had forgotten that B. D. Wong didn’t die and that only happens in the book. How lol is it that they had to retcon Ian Malcolm back into life for the next novel just because Jeff Goldblum was lookin’ so fly? I know everyone likes the “clever girl” line, but I always thought it was out of character for the hunter dude. Like why does Sam Neil know these things but Bob Peck doesn’t? The dude had such tiny safari shorts. You can’t buy those no more. They went extinct.

I like dinosaurs but when the book first came out and I read it I was all like, “Shit, now everyone is gonna be hoppin’ on Chaos Theory’s knob” and I was right.

I do like the scene when Aeter gets killed by the Dilophosaurus though.

Anyone else got any Jurassic Park thoughts? I ain’t messin’ with no spoiler tag. This movie and book is older than some of y'all’s moms.