Profile: Sugo Teppei須郷 徹平 Codename Hound 3

I am aware that some profiles has already been translated, however I think I need to post mine as well because those are not at all complete, even though they are labeled as such, and contain translation errors. I’ve translated the profiles entirely, the only thing that’s been left out would be character descriptions,but we all know about them from the anime so…

Technically I’ve been translating the profiles of all the characters for the past few days.They are still in progress, 70-90% percent of the work is done though(depending on the character), so you can just drop in my askbox the name of theone you want to read first >3


“I’ll die, that’s all. It won’t a loss.”

ID: 0045-AESY-56982-2

Kanji name:  須郷 徹平

Romaji name: Sugou Teppei

Affiliation: Ministry of Health and Welfare, Public Safety Bureau, Criminal Investigation Department, Division 1

Occupation: Enforcer

Date of Birth: May 22, 2090

Age: 26

Blood Type: A

Address: Tokyo-to, Shin-Chiyoda-ku, Kasumigaseki, 2-1-B, MWPSB

Emergency contact’s address: Tokyo-to, Bunkyo-ku, Otowa, 3-4

Sugou Masumi (relation: elder sister)

Physical Examination: N/A

[Education and Career]

March 2107 ・  Graduated from Edogawa Municipal Daini Junior High School

April 2107 ・  Entered Tokyo Metropolitan Nakano High School, Faculty of Information Engineering, Major in Communication

March 2111 ・  Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Nakano High School, Faculty Of Information Engineering, Major in Communication

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