pairing: jikook

genre: implied smut

word count: 520

description: Jimin and Jungkook have a gay hookup at church camp. They’re probably going to hell for this, but yolo. 

note: i wrote this in under an hour and i’m still not sure why

He could already hear his mother’s voice scolding him for not properly drying his hair before going out, but he was willing to risk a cold for this.

“Hurry, Jin’s coming out of the cabin!”

Jimin ducked behind the overgrown shrubbery that surrounded the camp to avoid the head counselor, tugging his white bathrobe tighter around himself so it wouldn’t be caught in the branches. Water was still dripping from his bleached hair and seeping into the clean fuzz. Ahead of him was a significantly drier and better-clothed Jungkook who peeked out from behind the thick trunk of a giant pine tree.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this. You’re crazy.“ With a last glance backward, the blond made a sprint toward the forest and into Jungkook’s strong embrace.

“Mmm, but you love me,” Jungkook mumbled as he pressed his lips gently against Jimin’s, one hand pulling the smaller boy closer as the other thread their fingers together. “Bet you’ve never done something this bad before, hmm?”

He hadn’t. Though it was his first time at the new camp, Jimin had been expecting the experience to be along the lines of his previous summers: campfires, hiking, and Bible study. He was expecting pranks in the showers and boisterous low-quality singing, but instead he found himself showering with the cutest boy he’d ever seen and giggling as the boy serenaded him with breathy love songs. And now he was skipping evening worship to hook up with said cute boy in the woods. Blood was pumping loudly in his ears as he turned his attention back to Jungkook, whining weakly as the boy tugged at his plush bottom lip.

This was so bad.

His head snapped up Jin’s voice sounded piercingly through the megaphone, roaring over the boisterous chatter of the 34 other boys as he corralled them over to the creek for the last of the day’s activities. Taking advantage of the diversion, Jungkook grazed his teeth over the sensitive curve of the boy’s neck and laid open-mouth kisses over the damp skin, leaving sharp bites and licking over the sore spots. Water from the creek had seeped through his white shirt, making the translucent fabric cling obscenely to his sculpted abdomen. Not like Jimin hadn’t seen him shirtless—they were in the same cabin, where even the straight boys snuck envious glances at his godly proportions.

“Ah—Jungkookie!” High-pitched laughter bubbled excitedly from his plush lips as Jimin pulled on the younger boy’s soft golden brown locks. The thrill of their escapade sent pleasurable chills down his spine; if anyone turned to the trees, they’d spot the bright white of his bathrobe. They could be caught so easily.

Jungkook groaned against his skin at the pressure and pulled the white robe down to uncover more of Jimin’s flushed chest, locking his lips over the exposed nipple, clamping his large hand over the boy’s mouth to stop his cry of surprise.

“Stay quiet, hyung, or I’ll stop.” A devilish smirk glittered in his deceptively innocent eyes as he gazed up at Jimin. “Jesus, are you even wearing anything underneath?”

“Why don’t you find out?”


Profile: Sugo Teppei須郷 徹平 Codename Hound 3

I am aware that some profiles has already been translated, however I think I need to post mine as well because those are not at all complete, even though they are labeled as such, and contain translation errors. I’ve translated the profiles entirely, the only thing that’s been left out would be character descriptions,but we all know about them from the anime so…

Technically I’ve been translating the profiles of all the characters for the past few days.They are still in progress, 70-90% percent of the work is done though(depending on the character), so you can just drop in my askbox the name of theone you want to read first >3


“I’ll die, that’s all. It won’t a loss.”

ID: 0045-AESY-56982-2

Kanji name:  須郷 徹平

Romaji name: Sugou Teppei

Affiliation: Ministry of Health and Welfare, Public Safety Bureau, Criminal Investigation Department, Division 1

Occupation: Enforcer

Date of Birth: May 22, 2090

Age: 26

Blood Type: A

Address: Tokyo-to, Shin-Chiyoda-ku, Kasumigaseki, 2-1-B, MWPSB

Emergency contact’s address: Tokyo-to, Bunkyo-ku, Otowa, 3-4

Sugou Masumi (relation: elder sister)

Physical Examination: N/A

[Education and Career]

March 2107 ・  Graduated from Edogawa Municipal Daini Junior High School

April 2107 ・  Entered Tokyo Metropolitan Nakano High School, Faculty of Information Engineering, Major in Communication

March 2111 ・  Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Nakano High School, Faculty Of Information Engineering, Major in Communication

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