I’m so uninterested in this self depreciating side lining with the abusers bullshit.

A-Specs, how about you stop automatically believing the worst of your own community when it comes from the mouths of actual abusers. Who only care about using real issues as tools for aphobia? Why not do the right thing and step in when you catch a you a-spec being ignorant, and tell allos their input is not needed.

The ace Community is Diverse, we have every marginalized persons here. We are more than equipped to handle anything incommunity. 

If you’re not an A, you’ve got nothing to say.


So when I came out as asexual I was really worried about what my friends would think. I have a friend who was just like “ok cool” and that was all she said directly to me. But she started posting a bunch of pro asexuality stuff and I have no idea if it’s for me or not but let me just tell you that made me feel more accepted than anything else probably ever could. I just really love my friends and I’m so lucky to have you.

One of the things I just really love about Carlos and Cecil’s relationship is that it can be whatever you want it to be. In Orange Grove, we got to see the domestic side of their relationship. They trade off cooking, they like to make weekend bowling plans, they watch dorky documentaries, they rewatch westerns on Netflix together.

But, there’s also that, partly because Cecil wouldn’t talk about a prospective sex life on radio anyway, part of their relationship is left sort of ambiguous, which I love. “There’s someplace I’d like to be right now,” Cecil said at the end of Lazy Day, and the fandom was up in arms over what Carlos and Cecil were exactly going to do.

“‘I’ll make pasta, if you can pick up some…’ Uhmm, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, Carlos goes on about weekend bowling plans, y– you know what? You don’t need all this.”

It stands that Carlos and Cecil’s sex life can be whatever you perceive it as, from tentacle sex to vanilla human sex to straight-from-kissing-to-cuddling asexual.