oscar wilde
  • had three middle names
  • spoke five languages
  • was sentenced to prison for sodomy
  • was 16 when he had his first kiss
  • loved to travel
  • had an eidetic memory
  • lied about his age on his marriage certificate
  • held seances at his house
  • spoke with his hand in front of his mouth bc he was embarrassed by how supernaturally white his teeth were
  • kept a vase of flowers on his writing desk to neutralize the smell of his ashtray
  • had a passion for interior design and aesthetics—his drawing room was painted blue and covered in dragons, he even pressed feathers into the plaster to make it look cool
  • the kids at his school called him “grey crow”
  • one of the reasons he didn’t commit suicide was bc he was afraid he would go to hell for it
  • his favorite word was ivory
  • his last words were “i am in a duel to the death with this wallpaper, one of us has got to go”
  • his grave, in paris, has become the target of mass quantities of lipstick kisses. no lie. it’s literally covered in lipstick stains. and a sphinx. he also asked to be buried with his former lover’s ashes

“Let Her Eat Grapes!”

“‘Let Her Eat Grapes!’ is an interrogation of Dutch still life painting by insertion of black female body into the work. This is meant to illuminate the tension between aestheticizing the abundance that appears in the domestic sphere, while the Dutch were capitalizing off of black bodies through slavery at the same point in history.” - Madelyne Beckles

For PopRally Presents Petra Collins: In Search of Us, artists Madelyne Beckles, Aleia Murawski, and Grace Miceli have created videos to re-examine the canonical representation of the female body through a series of original, short artist videos conceived with Petra Collins.

This contemporary take on the 19th-century Salon des Indépendants will be released over the course of this week on MoMA’s Instagram in advance of Saturday’s PopRally Presents Petra Collins: In Search of Us event, where a site-specific, live tableau will confront these very notions IRL, along with Junglepussy’s live rap anthems, DJ set by Madeline Poole, open bar, and gallery access. More information and tickets available at

Already, he was dreaming of a refined solitude, a comfortable desert, a motionless ark in which to seek refuge from the unending deluge of human stupidity.
—  Huysmans, Against nature