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You see through your eyes, hear through your ears, feel through your body, and think through your brain. But you are not your eyes, ears, body, or brain-these are just things you experience the world with. So then, what are you? Remember that anything that can be taken away from you cannot be you. Like your clothes or hair-without them you would be bald and naked, but you would still be you. Now take away your body and brain. Is there anything left? Did you know that people have come back from being dead for a few minutes, remembering all they did while they were gone? Yes, sometimes they recall floating above their own lifeless bodies, seeing and hearing the doctors and nurses working on them, floating away and exploring what’s around before being brought back to life. Even without their bodies and brains, they were still alive somehow, aware and experiencing. This shows that they are not their bodies, and neither are you. Think of your body as a character inside a video game. To interact with the game world you need to play a game character. Your etheric body looks like a ghostly glowing copy of your physical body. It is a pattern of energy that guides your biological cells into growing and behaving in an organized way, keeping you alive and healthy. Think of the etheric body like the field of a magnet pulling on a bunch of tiny metal pieces, pointing them into an orderly pattern. It does the same thing to the cells in your physical body. Without the etheric, your physical body would eventually fall apart. People who lose their limbs in accidents often continue to feel something there even though the physical limb is gone-they are feeling the etheric part that stayed intact. Normally the etheric overlaps your physical body, but during sleep it may expand and hover above it a little. The energy that the etheric body is made of is lifeforce energy. Fresh fruits and vegetables have lots of it because they are alive, and everyone knows that fresh is healthier for you than cooked, though not everyone knows it’s because cooking also removes the etheric lifeforce energy in food.

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