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Styles of the Venus signs

Venus in astrology has to do with your personal taste and aesthetic. From my experience, people with the same venus sign dress very similarly. Also, if your venus sign doesn’t seem to capture your style completely, check your rising sign, or possibly even your sun sign as well! :)


Aries venus:

They like things bold and bright, but not over the top. Their style is simple, but it grabs your attention. They dislike frills or anything overly girly. 

Taurus venus:

Comfort is key for them. They’re unlikely to be attracted to anything very bright, and often are seen wearing the same colors (or even items!) all the time, particularly neutrals. They like practicality in their clothing, and vintage might appeal to them.

Gemini venus:

There’s no predicting what their style will be like. It changes depending on the day, and they usually don’t care about practicality. It’s very quirky and colorful, and it’s the venus sign most attracted to busy patterns or geometric designs. They like items that are typically “cute”. 

Cancer venus:

This is possibly the most girly out of the venus signs. They love items that are flowy and remind them of water. They like cutouts, layered necklaces, and anything that adds texture and interest. They like things that are elaborate and embellished, but tasteful.

Leo venus:

Leo venus is more understated than you would think. However, they usually go for a single statement piece that stands out, such as a leather jacket. They like edgy clothes that make them seem strong and powerful. When they dress up for a special occasion, they will knock everyone out of the park with their bold picks because they want to be noticed.

Virgo venus:

Virgo venus is definitely understated, and very put-together. They like things fairly simple, and like to look neat, as if they’ve put thought into each part of their outfit. They don’t like anything overly busy or distracting, but instead value minimalism.

Libra venus:

This is the most typically stylish venus sign. They like everything beautiful and interesting, and some can even be on the flashy side. They seem to pick items that are very creative and colorful, but always aesthetically appealing. Florals are usually a favorite.

Scorpio venus:

They like their clothes dark and mysterious. Bright colors, patterns, and anything girly is definitely a no for them, but they’ll keep things interesting with their magnetic, alluring vibes. Their outfits stand out in a subtle way. Black is a favorite.

Sagittarius venus:

They love anything that potentially looks foreign or outdoorsy. They prefer to look effortlessly stylish as opposed to put-together. They might be on the tomboy side, and don’t like anything too over-the-top. Cowboy boots and fringe are a favorite.

Capricorn venus:

They like things professional and classy. Surprisingly, a lot of them like edgy, dark items for more casual affairs, and like to make statements with their clothing. A lot of them are attracted to designer brands. They tend to go for darker colors, but manage to make their outfits very interesting at the same time.

Aquarius venus:

Each one is different, that’s for sure. Some are very preppy, some are hippies, some don’t care. Some might wear all one color, some might wear all the colors of the rainbow. They like to be unique and original, and often don’t put items together in a traditional way. Whatever it is, they stick with it and make it their own because they don’t want to conform to usual style standards.

Pisces venus:

This is the venus sign least likely to wear bright colors. They’re very understated, and like things simple and pretty. Plain, subtle clothes that still have a charming, cute appeal are their favorite.

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