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Archaeologists estimate humans have tattooed themselves and each other for about 12,000 years. John Yuyi has updated this ritual for the social media age. The Taipei-born, New York-based artist became an Instagram sensation for applying her Facebook profile as a temporary tattoo on her face, reflecting our complex relationship to online expression, identity, and desire for approval. This series expanded to include likes, messages, avatars and logos, inking flesh, even temporarily, with the digital structures we inhabit and are now a part of us. John Yuyi shows how aesthetic taste and desire (here for Gucci’s Le Marché des Merveilles watch) is more than skin deep. – Text by New Territories (Samantha Culp)


Kalinka, Malinka…

Given the bright and colorful palette of JJBA, I found it only fitting to make a Matryoshka themed set of our favorite SBR heroes (and antihero!)

Bonus combo pic:

anonymous asked:

Dutch/Mike for the fusion!

A big, gentle boy!

Dutch is a big brother and Mike is a mom-friend and Mitch is, like…..the ultimate combination of the two???? Your guidance counselor+big brother+mom friend+secret crush

NOOGIE NOOGIE hey dude wanna hang out I’m building a new car and we can paint it together <3 <3 <3

mysteriously, even though neither Mike nor Dutch ever bothered to learn, he also plays guitar. UoU