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   jasper & monty × japan au.

when 15-year-old jasper moves to japan because of his mom's new job
he doesn't know a single word in japanese; except for kawaii,
thanks to anime. that's why he feels really lonely in his new
junior high school class until he gets to know monty,
a straight-a student from south korea who speaks english really well.
monty grows fond of the tall, clumsy, somewhat dorky american
and begins not only to teach him the japanese language but also
how to enjoy hanami, why purikuras are so important
(glitter and funny speech bubbles, hello?!), how to not look like
a complete tool when playing dance dance revolution in public
and how to eat with chopsticks, which really frustrates jasper
so he kinda just stabs his food all the time and shoves it
into his mouth or lets monty feed him.
over the course of weeks and months they not only become best friends
but there's also something else blossoming between the two boys.
and when monty gives jasper his first self-made bento,
he does know what it means. because jasper actually listened
to everything monty taught him about japan
and so he just gets up and gives him a shy peck on the lips. daisuki.