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Johndave week - Day 5: Free Space

After my last one I wanted to do something cute and happy, so bunkmates blanket fort it was!! I am;; late again but wowie yeah!! This has been a really fun week!! Everyone’s been so cool <3

i have so much love in my heart

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I just keep picturing if Emma was marrying Neal how different the wedding would be. It would be so casual but we would see all these former fairytale faces in the audience like Cinderella, Mulan, Robin Hood, August, etc all the lives (former) Emma and Neal have touched. Rumple is a groomsman and Henry is best man. You see the happy faces of Rumple/Belle and the Charmings as their families are joined. Maybe it's on the beach where Neal apologized to Emma. A wonderful wrap to the series. Ugh.

Fun fact nonnie…. I’ll be making a Swanfire aesthetic wedding collage for them at some point today. :-) I’ll be posting it to my personal account when I do post it though. 

the signs when no one's looking
  • Aries: looking at hours upon hours of cute kitty videos that they earlier said they were too badass to watch
  • Taurus: butting their head against a wall as they plot your death
  • Gemini: eating nutella until they literally explode
  • Cancer: masturbating for 14 hours straight
  • Leo: crying because their aesthetic wasn't quite on point today
  • Virgo: rearranging the office space of that coworker they hate so they can't find anything
  • Libra: buying a solid gold flogger as a new addition for their sex dungeon
  • Scorpio: obsessively marathoning every single anime on netflix and/or hulu
  • Sagittarius: napping because they need to keep their no sleep reputation alive but they also need to keep themselves alive
  • Capricorn: giving leftover food to the homeless and praying to god they don't notice that it's been expired for 3 years
  • Aquarius: Listening to the top 40 hits
  • Pisces: sitting with their dog watching the goriest horror movie they could find

Back pump was on point today👌🏽I see a 🎄 #motivationmonday #aesthetics #shredded #fitfam #fitness #gym #bodybuilding #crushfit #wearecrush #nevergiveup #bestself #bodybuildingcom #contestprep

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