aesthetic on point today

Johndave week - Day 5: Free Space

After my last one I wanted to do something cute and happy, so bunkmates blanket fort it was!! I am;; late again but wowie yeah!! This has been a really fun week!! Everyone’s been so cool <3

also today I heard someone say they really wanted to date a transguy for the “androgynous soft aesthetic” and because “cis boys are gross” that made me want to barf so while I’m surprised that I have to say this yeah don’t fetishize or generalize trans people… it’s not a trend… not ur aesthetic… 


Back pump was on point today👌🏽I see a 🎄 #motivationmonday #aesthetics #shredded #fitfam #fitness #gym #bodybuilding #crushfit #wearecrush #nevergiveup #bestself #bodybuildingcom #contestprep

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the signs when no one's looking
  • Aries: looking at hours upon hours of cute kitty videos that they earlier said they were too badass to watch
  • Taurus: butting their head against a wall as they plot your death
  • Gemini: eating nutella until they literally explode
  • Cancer: masturbating for 14 hours straight
  • Leo: crying because their aesthetic wasn't quite on point today
  • Virgo: rearranging the office space of that coworker they hate so they can't find anything
  • Libra: buying a solid gold flogger as a new addition for their sex dungeon
  • Scorpio: obsessively marathoning every single anime on netflix and/or hulu
  • Sagittarius: napping because they need to keep their no sleep reputation alive but they also need to keep themselves alive
  • Capricorn: giving leftover food to the homeless and praying to god they don't notice that it's been expired for 3 years
  • Aquarius: Listening to the top 40 hits
  • Pisces: sitting with their dog watching the goriest horror movie they could find