A poster for the 1983 Toei Manga Matsuri which included movie versions of:

1) Manga Aesop Monogatari (thanks to lunaticobscurity for the info!)

2) Akira Toriyama’s Dr. Slump

3) I am not sure but I THINK it’s called Baten Robore XO?

4) Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

You get to some of the more obscure shows and I get pretty lost, if anyone knows what they are, let me know.  My kanji skills are severely lacking.

Untitled #14004 by florencia95 featuring suede boots

Topshop long sleeve shirt, 20 AUD / MANGO leather motorcycle jacket, 145 AUD / Joseph black pants, 755 AUD / Isabel Marant suede boots, 795 AUD / Proenza Schouler leather purse, 2 005 AUD / Lynn Ban silver jewelry, 4 825 AUD / White gold ring, 2 660 AUD / Jil Sander Navy wool shawl, 105 AUD / Iphone case, 10 AUD / Aesop face moisturizer, 55 AUD / Skyline Notebook New York, 26 AUD
Get a Dog (Fort Minor Remix)
  • Get a Dog (Fort Minor Remix)
  • Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman

Old school, new school, no school
These bass lines ain’t raise no fool
Aes AWOL outta homeroom
Heads up, show up in the throne room
Hoping for a breadcrumb, throw up in the show room
Wait - show ‘em how the rogue do
March to his own with the clone-proof
Songbirds perched on my finger at the window
Admittedly the rest of my life is a fucking shit show