aesop rock skelethon

i have been completely unable to maintain any semblance of relationship on any level,
i have been a bastard to the people who have actively attempted to deliver me from peril,
i have been acutely undeserving of the ear that listen up & lip that kissed me on the temple,
i have been accustomed to a stubborn disposition that admits it wish it’s history disassembled,
i have been a hypocrite in sermonizing tolerance while skimming for a ministry to pretzel,
i have been unfairly resentful of those i wish had acted different when the bidding was essential,
i have been a terrible communicator prone to isolation over sympathy for devils,
i have been my own worst enemy since the very genesis of rebels.
—  Aesop Rock, “Gopher Guts”

Aesop Rock - Skelethon

Coming to Aesop Rock’s “Skelethon” in hopes to find a traditional hip-hop album will quickly prove as a dire mistake leading to bouts of frustration. Instead, consume with the focus point of Aesop’s genre-challenging style in mind and embrace the mind-numbing wordiness; it might not be your cup of tea, but “Skelethon” offers a profuse level of detail and lyrical content for those looking for a challenging listen. (7/10)


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