Welcome to my first ever follow forever. I may have forgotten some blogs (or if you are in the melonhood, I couldn’t find your blog/you weren’t in Dani’s list) and if I did I am SO sorry. If you think we are friends/are in a mutual/deserve to be in this follow forever just send me an ask mmmkay? (✿◠‿◠) 

buddies/melonhood members are italicised

a: abnormallystraightlaces, aeryndunham, allisonarghent, aryestark, ahlohomora, agrent

b: blacklakes

c: courahale, coldcomfortflowerscolloins

d: dani-de-barbaracdarvll

e: -

f: finnckscube, filledefoudre, fabiansgoldwatch, fireinthehob

g: ghost-of-bambi, gryffindorinthetardis

h: hatepotion, hathawayroza, honourablepirate

i: infalliblesnaps, ithinkwehaveashadow

j: jpotters

k: kawtniss

l: lost-neverlander, lovegudlauraahftw, likeevanslovedpotter, lilypottar, limit-doesnot-exist

m: maraoders

n: nowyougettogotohogwarts

o: orgasm, ohmissmorstan, ohjesombre, ohpottermycaptain, orbites, ofmaraudersandtimelordsohjaimelannister, odairfull, owdair, ohsnapitsashy

p: pottersandtheirredheadspondifying

q: -

r: rmuslupins

s: shewasdramatic, sarcasmishisonlydefencestilesism, swan-and-her-captain, sriusblcks, supermans-cape, sparklyfaerie, sti1inskisstilnski, stiliskni, slythorin

t: tonystarks, thefunkybones, tifferini, theevilwhore, theirlovewaslegendary, tabletmcprice, timeturner, tessacrstairs

u: -

v: -

w: wildlingprincess

y: yewnorkcity, youtellthemspiders

z: -