These are some of the best theme makers I know. I have done a lot of looking for quality themes and this is a master list. A couple of these people are no longer making themes, but those they did make are quality and worth a mention. I hope this list is helpful to anyone who needs it!

In alphabetical order:

aeroucoulsonn | doucheywolf | everlark | icatchingfire | itshazza | joshdevineslostmemento | manatopia | maraudersmaps | mcpoyles | mchochlins | nuttythemes | oheverdeen | sakurane | samwnchster | starrifystratfor-d stupidbloodyidiots | tashabartonsthewicked-eternity | tyronepines | untangledskys | zeldathemes

Finally able to post! Wooh! This is one of my horse babs!

Name: Axeon Aerou (throwing axe)

Nickname: Axe.

Gender: male,is stallion.

Colors: smoky cream(CrCr),grey(one G).

Breed: Thoroughbred Akhal Teke.

Markings: minimal sabino (SB1).

Height: 15.2 hh.

Weight: 900lbs.

Behavior: Intelligent. Tends liking to pull people’s shirts with lips playfully,investigating surroundings and even experiments making…often new sounds with lips and tongue. Likes making gestures that makes folks do that laughing sound when “bored” and likes playing around with any ball one throws him at to kick and bump around.

Training: Racing horse. Drop-in preferably.

Jokey: Bratt Thomas Kingston.