If I die young, bury me in semi-mute birds being cute together.

There are so many things I love about thefallnuzlocke, and Penny the “Look at me I’m a fucking adorable baby who chirp-sings to communicate” Pidgeot is only one of them. If you’re into canon queer relationships, amazing artwork, regular updates, and all in all just a nice ‘locke, go take a gander!

Oh hey John. What are you doing in here?

John Seymour belongs to @aerorwenfallsfantastic Nuzlocke, The Fall. Go read it. John’s one of those characters that I wish actually existed in the Pokemon universe. Aero’s put so much thought and heart into this character, and it shows in her art and her writing.

Her birthday was a few days ago, and I wanted to do something nice. So here. John is upset at something. You get to decide what it is. :)

I love shiny venomoth. I want to thank aerorwen’s wonderful Nuzlocke comic for showing me just how beautiful shiny venomoth is, Dana is so beautiful and such a sweet innocent cinnamon roll, too sweet, too pure.
So when silverjolteon gave me a shiny venomoth, I obviously pseudo-named her Dana.


Chapter 39 of The Fall (a FireRed Nuzlocke)

You can read the rest here
you can read on the Forums
And my friend made this which I have approved for canon

so there are a bunch of things wrong with this chapter and ended up not being wrapped up as neatly and nicely as a I planned but I’d be lying if I said I cared at this point
I am 400% done with The Fall.

I’ll throw out a 2 page epilogue to put the story in perspective (we skip many years into the future) but it’s an entirely optional read because it’s not, strictly speaking, relevant. It just has to do with what happens with Mewtwo.

I read the newest side comic of The Fall by my friend aerorwenfalls and it ripped my heart out of my chest (as usual) 

Sam is one of my favourite characters in her comic, mostly because he’s so optimistic and cheerful all the time, so then when her latest extra featuring him brought out his dark side, I was like “NOOO he’s the only source of happiness I have left!!!!” Hence, this comic. Don’t get me wrong though, this is a joke, I love Aerorwen and I love her characters, and I adore the complexity of her characters.

I just felt like trying to be funny today.

Oh yeah, this is the comic I’m referring to:


All of the pictures of Leaf from the Photoalbum game I did on dA. :3

In order:

Leaf as of Chapter 16

Leaf at the beginning of The Fall

Leaf 1 year ago

Leaf post Surge (4 years ago)

Leaf when she went on her first Pokemon Trainer journey

Leaf when she was toddler

Leaf as a baby. :>