aeroplane trail


pairing: kim taehyung x reader x jeon jungkook
themes: angst! / high school! au / dark / future smut!
word count: 13.2k
warnings!: promiscuous dreams / vivid daydreams

summary: And yet to wine, to opium even, I prefer the elixir of your lips on which love flaunts itself; and in the wasteland of desire your eyes afford the wells to slake my thirst.” ― Charles Baudelaire

warning! [ there is infidelity put into the story as the dilemma, one with a younger women who is depicted as of age! (18+) she is also a student so please don’t read if that makes you uncomfortable, I do not condone these things in any way, and NO I will not romanticise the relationship baby boo. ]

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anonymous asked:

(about your synethsesia) what do you associate with your boyfriend?

:00 uhh lemme think

yknow when aeroplanes leave trails in the sky? like that,, also like silver planets and sitting on high walls n swinging ur legs and feeling like a Rebel

also yknow when someones playing guitar and they just fuckin,, Shred it? and it sounds rad as fuck? yeah that

oh also like when the suns really warm n u feel cosy even tho ur outside :0