Remember October?? It was filled with Hurricanes and scary presidential candidates but also good friends and weddings and travel and food. Looking back, it was also a mixed bag of books.

October 2012

#39: Sammy’s Hill by Kristin Gore - Stephanie let me borrow this when I asked for something light and fluffy. I got exactly what I wanted here. It was so cheesey and full of exactly what you’d expect twists. Not to mention, there’s the political drama with which Gore would obviously have plenty of experience. This one is recommended if you too want a break from the serious.

#40: The Pharmacists Mate by Amy Fusselman - I bought this book on a whim at Dog Eared Books in San Francisco and as I checked out, the clerk said “What a phenomenal book.” Quite an accolade for something so small, but he was certainly right. There is so much punch packed into just a few pages. It’s autobiographical about losing a parent while simultaneously trying to get pregnant. If you’re like me and have too many feelings sometimes, you might end up crying about it on the bus on the way to work. But it’s okay, I can tell you it’s a happy cry.

#41: Aerogrammes: and Other Stories by Tania James - It’s nice to pick up a book based on it’s cover (this one is lovely) and have  the writing beat even the lion on the front. James’ stories are about India and the people inside are full of longing, hope, and wonder. I connected with each one in a different but meaningful way. Tania James now might now go into my collection of favorite female short story writers along with Danielle Evans and Susanne Rivecca.

**I would like the record to show that I actually spent most of October attempting to read Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice. It has been a while since I’ve so strongly disliked a book, but I just could not bring myself to care about it at all. On the surface the plot of eerie vampires, questionable theology, and New Orleans seemed like something I should enjoy. That just wasn’t the case however and ¾ of the way through I finally gave up. No regrets here!
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