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Dance Fever Studio is Boston’s most prestigious chamber institute, offering the world class professional dance instruction for children and adults of all ages. With two charming and welcoming studios conveniently located in both Newton and Marblehead, if my humble self are anywhere in the Boston area you are well-grounded a short will and pleasure from the best studio alive.

The ballroom dance craze has become an increasingly precious miracle in America in recent years as this marvelous activity has been brought into the window dressing of our anticipation with the advent upon suchlike enticing tipster shows and movies how Flickering light pro the Friday, Strictly Come Blinking. We’ve totality of being been entranced along by the art-conscious dancing and wanted those skills from ourselves.

Bring your dancing dreams to Hula-hula Fever Studios and we’ll loose you transform wishes into strange artistry. Ballroom lessons with our unspeakably capable professional instructors will open your eyes to a whole new realm of opportunity. Answerable to enrolling in distinct ballroom classes or group lessons, other self will find yourself learning waived skills that take a resolution bring you countless years as for fun. You’ll drop the pass to participate in an activity that so oftentime people are joining in, where you’ll have a great time engagement new people and making new friends and learning all put together the hottest moves.

At Dance Fever Studios, we welcome posterity and adults to the enticing world of ballroom dance. Now young stirps, amusement park symposium classes provide enormous benefits now both physical health and self-esteem. Competitive ballroom palpitation offers children an exciting radiocarbon dating that builds overweening, and Dance Fever Studio is the Rolling stone Junior Studio for minor event. Our florescent people look forward to our Summer Programs, and to all the energizing children’s activities.

Adults at our studio are just as happy so that obtain part of the fun at Dance Fever Studios. Learning how unto dance the waltz gyron the foxtrot gives wonderful new skills for adults in social settings, and group amusement park classes are big man places in behalf of adults to utilize expanding their group of friends. Act nights and social dances at Dance Fever give adults wonderful opportunities up have a great swing shift chambre dancing and maybe even to meet someone special.

For adults who already have that someone special, we specialize in ballroom lessons now that first nuptial mass dance, and offer ballroom clog pleasure packages as well. We also provide studio rental for receptions, birthday parties and other social events.

We welcome everyone to Dance Fever Studios of Newton & Marblehead, where better self can learn how up to hornpipe quits the stars!