I’m pleased to present my piece for this year’s Klaine Book Project. I do love putting tattoos all over everyone so this was a dream AU for me. I had the pleasure of working with KissColfers for our story.

In case you can’t make out the tiny writing, Blaine’s tattoo says “Courage

Kurt has “Blackbird, Fly”  “Into the light of a dark black night” and “ You Matter

There are still a few books available! If you’re interested head over to the Klaine Book Project

Glee Episode Tournament

Hi guys! As something fun to do going into the fall, the-multicorn and I have put together an episode tournament for fandom.  With a schedule forthcoming, everyone gets the chances to vote, via tumblr, on the match ups, and week by week, over the next few months, we’ll update the winning episode until an ultimate winner is declared!

Brackets 1 & 2

Brackets 3 & 4

Brackets 5 & 6

Brackets 7 & 8

You can check out the full brackets here: Glee Episode Tournament And you can always check that out to see the episode standings.  (Ignore the Glee, Actually win, I’ll fix that.)  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask!! 

More details–including a full schedule—coming soon.  This post is mostly to get an idea of how interested people are, so please reblog if you think you’ll participate!! 

A Little Pick-Me-Up

Written for todaydreambelievers prompt: (AU or Canon Compliant)  Blaine and/or Kurt using cheesy pickup lines on the other.  For example, could be to seduce or being funny but can be whatever you’d like, wherever you like, whenever you like.

Kurt contemplated the two women in front of him, his eyes narrowed slightly as he swallowed the final mouthful of his drink. “So what exactly are the terms and conditions?”

Santana’s grin widened. “All general cleaning of shared apartment areas will be done by the two of us for the next month.” She glanced towards Rachel who was nodding emphatically.

“To my standard?”

“To your standard,” both said, holding up crossed fingers.

Kurt leaned forward slightly, resting his chin on his fingers. “Ok,” he said after a moment, to which both Rachel and Santana responded with a loud ‘Whoop!’ and high five. “What exactly do I have to do?”

“You have to go up to the next guy who walks through the door and say this,” Santana held up her phone, showing Kurt what was written there.

“You know what,” he said, letting out a chuckle. “That could be a whole lot worse.” Turning in his seat, he directed his eyes to the entry of the bar. No cleaning for a month. He could do this.

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We can finally share the stories we wrote for the latest Klaine book. My art partner was unfortunateplottwist, who I was so lucky to work with! She’s one of my favorite artists in the fandom. Our trope was superhero!Blaine.


Kurt Hummel opened his eyes and took three deep breaths to keep from panicking.

It had happened in a matter of seconds: one moment he was trying to stay awake as he rode the late night train from the library to his apartment after working on a very long essay, and the next was filled with screeching sounds as the train crashed against something, derailing and tilting dangerously to the side. Now, it was dark. Kurt searched in his bag for his bottle of water, giving it to an old man, who seemed in shock. He was about to reach for his phone to call for help when he heard a loud bang, and one of the doors shattered, falling to the subway’s floor like it was made of tinfoil. A girl choked on a little scream and stepped away, holding onto one of the poles for dear life.

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Darren at LeakyCon 2011 with the rest of Starkid. His Vocal in this are superb!

Seeing Kurt’s locker props on that auction made my feel physically sick.

How did Kurt go from a scared but brave kid in season one to nothing but a prop to a mediocre talentless hack just a few short seasons later?

Kurt’s season 3 locker props combined with the fact they knew at the start of that season they wanted to keep Blandy another year and graduate Kurt just tells me how little they thought of Kurt and by extention Chris by season 3 since his locker was basically a shrine to mediocrity. They never intended to let him be his own person or have a life outside of being a side kick to a self centered Diva or a prop to a character who originally wasn’t even meant to stick around and certain never should have been made any kind of lead considering his complete lack of acting skills. They were obviously punishing Chris just like they punished a few others for out shining the people they had already decided should be popular and leads. Its not Chris’s fault he was better at everything than basically every other male on the show.

You take a character and actor who are winning nominations and awards for your show and bringing awareness about gays and gay issues to the masses in a way they can understand and sympathis and you turn around and make him play second fiddle to a nobody that both fans and critics alike grew tired of very quickly and then you wonder why people stop praising your show or nominating it for any awards that can’t easily be bought (I am looking at you Teen Choice Awards on Fox network with your voter outcome not actually determining winners).

SMH at it all.