If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Baked a Cake by practicalamanda

Kurt is the personal assistant to Cooper Anderson. Every morning he visits a bakery owned by Blaine, who he doesn’t know is Cooper’s bother, to get breakfast and coffee for his boss. Blaine has a crush on Kurt, but has no idea he works for Cooper. 

Wedding Cake: The One Shot

Here it is, the If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Baked a Cake one shot of lore.

A story of about 24,000 words (13 chapters, complete), plus a brief one-shot; low rating. On Scarves & Coffee and FFN. (There’s also the PDF.)

Klaine Advent - Dare

Chapter 4 of my two continuous AU stories, the first, “Snow And Mistletoe” is set in Lima with high school age Blaine and Kurt, and the second, “Plan on Me” is adult Klaine with doctor!Blaine and Broadway!Kurt, done in a series of drabbles.  POV’s will change. I hope you enjoy - please reblog and share the love!

Snow and Mistletoe
AU, Klaine, A03, 100 words
Prompt:  Dare

Kurt blinks in surprise when he realizes the boy in the navy peacoat is talking to him.  Oh, he’s returning his glove.

“Thanks.”  Kurt takes it and turns away, careful to keep his eyes from lingering too long on the boy’s ridiculously long eyelashes.

“I’m Blaine.”  

His first thought is that someone must have dared the boy to come up and talk to him, but when he meets his eyes, he sees only sincerity.

“Hi.  I’m Kurt.”

“Kurt.”  Blaine smiles like the sun has just come out, and Kurt feels his heart skip a beat.  “Do you like hot chocolate?”


Plan on Me
AU, Klaine, A03, 100 words
Prompt:  Dare

Blaine hurts all over, and even trying to move is agony.  He squints an eye open.  Bright light; a hospital.  He tries to push away his panic, but it is hard, not knowing what condition he and the others are in, and not able to wake up fully enough to figure it out.  

A familiar voice reaches him, and he latches on to it, pulling himself out of his haze.

“Don’t you dare tell me I can’t see my husband.”

Kurt.  Blaine lets out a breath, his fear sliding away.  Kurt is here.  Everything is going to be all right.

Charming as Ever

Written for Klaine Advent.

Prompt: Charm

Blaine gives Prince Charming a run for his money and plans a spontaneous, romantic date night.

525 words.  Rated: G

Can also be found on AO3.

“Don’t you dare start making anything for dinner!” Blaine said loudly as he entered his and Kurt’s apartment one December afternoon their first year back in New York.

Kurt, who was in the kitchen with a pot in his hand to make spaghetti, put the pot back down and walked into the living room to greet his husband. “Okay,” he said, eyebrow-raised. “What do you have planned then?”

Blaine smiled as Kurt approached him. He leaned forward to greet Kurt with a brief kiss and then pulled away to reach for Kurt’s coat. “Here,” he said, handing the coat over to his husband. “You’re going to want this.”

Kurt slid his arms into his coat and eyed Blaine suspiciously. “Are you going to tell me what we’re doing?”

Blaine’s eyes were bright as he bounced on his toes. “Nope,” he said, popping the p. “You’re just going to have to trust me.”

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All the World's A Stage

read it on the AO3 at

by gleekto

Kurt has been waiting his whole life to get to college, to NYC, to a place where he isn’t the only out gay kid in the world. His friend, Santana, is apparently excited for him too because she sneaks handfuls of condoms into his bag as a joke right before he leaves. Whatever Santana. He’d just like to kiss a boy. Or maybe go out on a date.

Kurt’s in his new dorm room, a freshman at NYADA, unpacking when his new roommate, Blaine, arrives. Hot. Ego. But nice. Okay. Then Kurt accidentally knocks his bag off the bed and Santana’s condoms spill all over the floor. You never get a second chance to make a first impression…

Words: 1940, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Bitchmas 2016 Day 3: Hooked

Also on AO3


Blaine eyed the hooks in the ceiling with trepidation as his Dom massaged his shoulders in preparation. They weren’t prepared for full-on suspension bondage just yet, but this would be their next step towards that goal. Each hook was carefully set up to hold Blaine’s body in the exact position demanded by Kurt for as long as he wanted.

“Color?” Kurt murmured into his ear.

“Green,” was his immediate answer. Blaine had been looking forward to this scene for days.

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