aero ii

So I can’t really sleep but at least these amazing Heavensward Videos came out. I’m 2000% hyped to play. White mage’s new abilities have me completely crazed.

Y’shtola’s Energy Barrier from the Main Scenerio is now an actual skill. You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting this. Out of everything, I’m most excited about this.

Aero III from the looks of it.  Another DOT to go along side the other Aeros. Guess I’ll Cast  II normally, then I, then Instant cast III for maximum DOT burn.

Stone III looks really cool. Im wondering how much  Damage it’ll do and if it’ll have any additional effects. Stone inflicted heavy, while Stone II was raw damage.

I ‘thought’ I saw another one but it looks like it’s just Benediction after taking another look. Turns out to be another skill, I’ll be madly happy!

Test number 3 tomorrow...

should be another easy one. I’m expecting a 100 or pretty damn close to it. Also, something anyone who actually pays attention to my blog might have noticed… I’ve been on a lot more than I thought I’d be able to be. I seem to have discovered that I am either A) smarter than I give myself credit for or B) have discovered the secret to studying…

I guess it’s a little of both. I’ll give you a hint. It’s not how long you study for but how often you study. If you study a little everyday it’ll benefit more than the same amount of time over less sessions.