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1. Always post the rules
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I was tagged by @alexiousace thankssss 💛💛
1. How are you?

I am great

2. Best thing about yourself?

That I can play piano??

3. Favourite band/ musical artist?

Twenty One Pilots

4. Favourite chocolate?

This changes a lot but I always come back to Mint Aero

5. Favourite film?

Howl’s Moving Castle

6. I love to plan things so, do you too? Like bujo or other planning stuff?

I mean I want a Bullet Journal

7. Do you like video games?


8. Cats or dogs?


9. Any pets? If so can I pet them or at least see because omg I love animals!!!?


10. Uh idk, zodiac sign?

Cancerrr 🦀

11. Ran out of good ideas so, on a scale of gay to gay, how gay?

Like half

My Questionssss:

1. Favourite Book to Film adaptation?
2. If you could marry any character, who would you?
3. What device are you using right now?
4. Do you ever print out photos?
5. When did you last go to a party?
6. What TV show(s) are you watching right now? (Or did you last watch if you’ve just finished one)
7. Pandas or Sloths?
8. What is your favourite colour?
9. Dream job?
10. What is something you always have on you when you go out?
11. Can you draw?

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4x5 portra 160 taken today…

to test my newly acquired jobo cpp2 processor, about which I have had wrenching ebayer’s remorse, and with which I had terrible results the other day with 120 and 35mm (the latter of which I never process or scan…except in lieu of self flagellation). But these today did help to slightly mollify mounting anxiety and searing ambivalence about opening a 1 hr photo lab next to my toilet.