I will forever want justice for every female character who was demonized by fandom because their canon ties to a male character was deemed a threat to a popular slash pairing. 


“…I’ll be going now. I’ll come back when it’s all over." 

It’s been years and years, but I still have a lot of sads over Aerith. You’d think I’d be over it by now, but I’m nOT, OKAY. ;A;

the remake hype train is still going full-speed ahead for me, so here’s the first FF7 cosplay I pulled together for Katsu ‘16. I never thought I’d say this, but winter conventions are no joke, man. IT WAS SO COLD OUT??? Making me miss Otakon already, slkfjdklasdjgsadg

photos by the ridiculously amazing @chezphoto, it was my first time working with them, and they were sO NICE and SO TALENTED and SO PATIENT with me and my shivering bones, and they even brought a blanket for me to huddle in between shots??? That’s Quality Customer Service there, people. TOP. NOTCH.

more shots from this set HERE


“I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won’t remember them all, so I put them all together into one…

                                                      …I’d like to spend more time with you.”