im doing colors and revisions on aerin and it’s a lot of fun (but a lot of work too, natch.) I think i might be going overboard on the shading and stuff tbh, but i was hired based on detail work; if i go to standard comic book coloring now that probably won’t go down well

ANYWAY sometimes I like to add some of my own style into the details and I wanted to show you guys! Here’s a WIP of page 20 that I’m really proud of— I don’t know if his face will make it through revisions though, so I figured I’d save this for posterity

also i made up a language to put in the background on signs and things because i am a huge nerd

so that sign there says:




which, literally translated, means:


authorities will take fish abandoned alone length three hours.

by cleaning equipment, [you will] prevent contamination  [command].

a more ‘english’ version would be:


fish left unattended for more than three hours will be confiscated by authorities.

clean the equipment after use to prevent contamination.

i came up with it myself so it’s not really canon, but i thought it would be a neat thing for readers to see in the backgrounds :’) plus, it’s fun for me to come up with it, hahahaha

Aerin is written by matt zullo and drawn by jim shaw