Un Peu de Couleur!

Ce projet est venu d’une obligation : fournir une série de dessins et de créations diverses pour l’épreuve d’Arts Plastiques au Bac. J’ai choisi le thème du vitrail car c’était le seul qui m’intéressait un peu à l’époque parmi les trois, et voilà un des résultats!

A Little Color!

This project came from an obligation : I had to provide a series of drawings or crafts for the Arts session of an examen (the equivalent of the GED). I chose the Stained Glass theme, ‘cause it was the only one I was interested in at the time, and this is one of the results!

Unpopular Opinion Time

I love the series finale of Battlestar Galactica. Lots of folks think the show went off the deep end especially the last season but man…when Baltar has his last scene in the finale, when he finally accepts the entirety of his life, including his childhood on Aerilon and puts it on the same level as his career on Caprica, I am just blown away. I was seriously crying when he says “I know about farming” and that makes up for all the weird shit that bsg did in season 4