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The Golden City 

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Unpopular Opinion Time

I love the series finale of Battlestar Galactica. Lots of folks think the show went off the deep end especially the last season but man…when Baltar has his last scene in the finale, when he finally accepts the entirety of his life, including his childhood on Aerilon and puts it on the same level as his career on Caprica, I am just blown away. I was seriously crying when he says “I know about farming” and that makes up for all the weird shit that bsg did in season 4

Harry Potter

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Pure or half blood:  Half-blood
Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie
Wand: Ebony wand with a Phoenix feather core
Patronus: Bloodhound
Boggart: Boggart would be Gunner dead
Amortentia Smell: Rain, the cologne Gunner wears, freshly baked cookies


Team: Mystic
Favorite Pokemon: Arcanine

Hunger Games

District: District 11
Are you a part of the rebellion?: Yes
Do you volunteer?: If it was necessary
If in the games, do you kill or try to survive without?: Try to survive without

Star Wars

Darkside or Lightside: Lightside
Sith, Jedi, Rebel, Bounty Hunter?: Rebel
Weapon of choice?: A gun, probably


Princess: Belle
Prince: Eric
Villain: Rattigan
Hero: Basil


Divergent Faction: Abnegation
Game of Thrones House: House Stark
Shadowhunter or Downworlder: Downworlder
Lord of the Rings Species: Elf?
Hoarde or Alliance: Alliance
DC Villain/Hero: Batman
Marvel Villain/Hero: Iron Man
Battlestar Galactica Colony: Aerilon
What’s your superpower?: Flight

Act 1 - Part 5

It was then that the group was left with a choice. To proceed into the gates and past the fog without their guide and friend, or to remain in The Ledge and retreat back into the ichor. As most of you already guessed; had they retreated back into the ichor, this would be a very, very small story. Like all good friends, they proceeded in, trying to find their cherished Roseline.

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Act 1 - Part 13

It was a day like every other, up in Aerilon city. The fog was rolling in, the bell tower was chiming to alert the time of day, and the group was prowling about at the market. Nothing was out of place, and nothing was wrong. It was… Peaceful, really. But I suspect those who have read books before know that this peace isn’t going to last. It never goes, after all.

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Act 1 - Part 11

Now, how was that for a beginning? Or was it an end? I mean - we had backstory, rising action, climax, falling action, and a sappy conclusion. I think that’s a job well done, to be honest. 

Unfortunately, for the chosen five and the human heir, this was only the beginning of their roller-coaster of a journey. In the coming days, the group would learn to love Aerilon as a home, much like they loved Roseline. The rest of this chapter is just excerpts from hand-written notes about their discoveries. Feel free to skip it if you want, but I refuse to leave this out.