aerick the centaur

A little fanart of Aerick, for the lovely ~!

I actually met her along with the rest of the Vändetta crew at Närcon last month! But me and my friend had the worst timing and caught them when they were really tired, and I felt soooo dang bad about it (still do augh).

We did apologze to them the next day, and they said it was fine, but I still feel really bad about it. QHQ;; … So I decided  that I could atleast do some art for her of her lovely character Aerick (which i absolutely love ahh), along with another apology. Sorry orz;;

So yeah! Sorry, I can’t do horses, I tried but, I just— hnggg—..HRNGFF— 
*I gave up on animal anatomy and made up shit instead ahah fail*

… But have a cute little Chibi babu Aerick anyway <3

I would love to do more of them, but I don’t know where to start haha

Um ok so I absolutely love hubedihubbe’s centaur Aerick and he always reminded me of my mare Chino so I decided to make Chino into a centaur and depict what I thought they would meet.

Sorry it’s bad I haven’t drawn horses in years… also roans and paints are really hard to draw…

I should be better at this I have a reference living 10 ft from my door.

Aerick is onehundred percent hubedihubbe's 

greensmartieblog  asked:

OHhhhhhhh it's human Aerick! It's been so long, I'm glad we get to see this version of him again. Would you be willing to sketch a reaction from Sawyer to seeing Human!Aerick? It's cool if you don't, I just think it would be interesting to see given their close friendship with each other and all.

ok so I have like two AU’s for human Aerick?? Like we have human!Aerick and then turnedhuman!Aerick (who has both vitiligo and his white striped hair) and in the human!Aerick AU, Sawyer is a centaur. So this is like…. an AU of those AU’s where human!Aerick and human Sawyer meet haha oh god this is a clusterfuck