aerick the centaur

Erin: Must you really drag the poor boy?

Splinter: Wellhe got what’s comin’ for ‘im

I remember seeing hubedihubbe‘s little Centaur Aerick joining the rodeo. only thing was she only looked at two rodeo shows; the Buckers and the Reiners. (A bucker are those horses tht you have to stay on for 8 seconds, and a Reiner is a show horse)

But i wanted to draw Aerick being showed a new Rodeo match: Calf roping


greensmartieblog  asked:

OHhhhhhhh it's human Aerick! It's been so long, I'm glad we get to see this version of him again. Would you be willing to sketch a reaction from Sawyer to seeing Human!Aerick? It's cool if you don't, I just think it would be interesting to see given their close friendship with each other and all.

ok so I have like two AU’s for human Aerick?? Like we have human!Aerick and then turnedhuman!Aerick (who has both vitiligo and his white striped hair) and in the human!Aerick AU, Sawyer is a centaur. So this is like…. an AU of those AU’s where human!Aerick and human Sawyer meet haha oh god this is a clusterfuck

sakamotorei  asked:

Does Aerick (or any of the centaurs) find it tiring to carry someone on his back? Does he feel the weight or not much? And how much is too much?

Depends entirely what they’re carrying but let’s say it’s a human and the centaur is at least mid-teen, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
Then of course the centaur must decide for themselves if they wanna be ridden or not (like take Charlie, he won’t allow anyone onto him)

anonymous asked:

Do tour centaurs have periods? What's Aerick like when he has his?

When Aerick, a male centaur, has his period as in menstruation? Hmmmm

Actually this is interesting, I couldn’t find the correct word for it in english (closest I can come is rut?? is that right??) but I think that the females get it but it’s not attracting male centaurs or horses the same way.