I’m a Dreamer with a big heart. I am not perfect, I have flaws just like everyone else. I can be bitchy rude and unpleasant at times but I can also be very loving caring and compassionate at other times just depends on you on what side you’ll see. I am a college student and although I am am/have been at a JC longer then I planned it does not mean I am stupid or slack off, we all have unplanned obstacles that get launched into our paths and cause us to take longer on certain things. I do not consider myself a failure for still being at a JC, its better I stayed longer then just giving up. Aside from my bumpy education journey I have been blessed with an amazing job that has opened some somewhat unthought obtainable doors. I am a personal trainer at my local Gold’s Gym and I love everything about it. I was lucky enough to have a fellow trainer join the gym who was an ex circus performer and has brought many new adventures into my life. I am now a certified aerial instructor and a trapeze instructor in training. I am also learning hoops and fire fans dancing to add to that. Learning new things has been a blast and I have been able to “work” 7 days a week flawlessly since I am passionate about everything I am doing. All and all, life is good <3