aerial maneuver

F-22 Raptor performs an aerial maneuver during the 2016 Heritage Flight Training and Certification Course at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz.,

Padme feeding the twins vs. Anakin feeding the twins

Padme feeding Leia: Here comes the plane! *gently pushes spoon into baby’s mouth*

Anakin feeding Luke: Here comes the plane! *executes a series of outlandish aerial maneuvers with spoon before placing it in baby’s mouth*

Bonus: Obi-Wan feeds the twins

Obi-Wan: Here comes the plane!- at a reasonable speed, taking care to observe all laws and with its passengers securely fastened nod if you understand Luke *feeds baby after nod*

Announcer: “What a surprise! Wally Gator has sailed over the finish line in a surprise aerial maneuver!”

Me: “…really? Well, you might want to tell that to the animation team, ‘cause they decided to have him hit the sign and bounce back.”


Headcanon that Eggsy, being a natural genius, can easily drive any vehicle and aircraft.

Which comes in handy when he ends up driving a school bus full of screaming and crying children and shaking off his pursuers after neutralizing a hostage and bomb threat at a school.

Even more handy when he decides that it’s a good idea to take a Kingsman issued jet for a joyride and realizes how much of a thrill he can get from performing aerial maneuvers.

Once, Harry allowed him to pilot a jet. It also so happened that day that one of the Knights challenged Eggsy to do a quadruple barrel roll. Of course, Eggsy didn’t back down. And, from the amount of vertigo and motion sickness that had the older man reeling towards the restroom afterwards, Harry regretted his decision.