aerial horizon

Airbus, we’ve got to stop meeting like this… A Boeing 737-800 at FL370 crosses paths with an Airbus 320 at FL360 somewhere over southern Tennessee. Straight lines of contrails expand and fall away while contrasting with the curvature of the aerial horizon.

	I Could See For Miles, Miles, Miles... by John Westrock 

The aerial perspective reveals patterns in the landscape unseen by those on earth. A winding river in the midwest appears like the figure of a serpent, its head defined by the river’s tributaries as if carved by some ancient native.

The clouds are awe inspiring as they create a dark and ominous presence along our route of flight. A jet deviates around the intense weather as if following a path drawn by rays of sunlight streaming through the mist that obscures the horizon. Summer flying on the Atlantic Coast requires a heads up awareness of the weather and the wisdom to avoid it.