aerial bomber

If anyone’s feeling down, take heart! 

The timeline could have been MUCH worse. 

Imagine for a moment you’re a Chinese solder in the Korean war. This isn’t the Korean war of our universe. This is a longer, much more violent one.

The conflict has entered its fourth year now. You yourself, are storming a hill occupied by Australian forces. Or they may have been Canadian, you’re not entirely sure. Regardless, you grab your ‘burp’ gun, and start rushing up the hill. Fire is light, but quickens heavily, although you don’t have to worry too much, as you aren’t in the first wave. Luckily, enemy air power isn’t present so early in the morning, and their artillery crews seem off the ball. Your regiment presses hard once combat picks up, but it’s difficult as you’re fighting into the rising morning sun. You crawl into a shell hole, one of the many that dot the hill from your sides preparatory mortar barrage. Its not that deep, but every millimetre counts when you’re under Bren gun fire. You’re on your back, facing away, checking your kit, when you feel the sun crest the mountains in the distance, incredibly bright. 

Then it hits you. You’re facing West on a crisp winter morning and the sun only rises in the east.

A mushroom cloud rises, kilometers in the distance, the fireball having just crested a hill from your line of sight. You wonder how the higher ups in your regiment will deal with having their logistics and command elements quite literally atomized. In the far distance, you can make out four contrails and a tiny bright dot flying west ward.

As the combined shockwave and boom of the bomb hit you, the firing on the hill dies down. In the silence, a new sound is picked up. You hear what can only be described as a cheer from the enemy lines, and more ominously, a buzzing. It gets louder and louder, the men around you nervous. One of them in a panic stands and charges, being cut down mercilessly from a burst of machine gun fire. The buzzing is extremely loud, and approaching rapidly.

There’s a flash of a black object, low and fast, followed by more. A small object lands a meter from you, but your eyes are on the objects flying past. Like bicycles, they have riders, but they move with the propellers of aircraft. The object on the hill rolls into your lap. Its what looks like grenade.

>Yfw you get killed by these assholes?

Books I want as Cartoons

I love books. I hope I can adapt a few of my favorites into animated series some day. There’s a few series I would love to adapt into animated shows/movies.

Scholastic series from the 90s about a bunch of teenagers who go to war with aliens by turning into animals. Goofy premise, but it gets really deep into the cost of violence, morality in warfare, and human empathy. Really cool aliens too, like the blue centaur scythe weilding Andalites and the brain-slug Yeerks and herbivorous but deadly dinosaurian Hork-Bajirr.
I know Nick owned this property a while ago, and it would be great if it came back. Except not live-action. That live-action series was….painfully 90s.

Dealing With Dragons:
Shrek before Shrek. In a world framed around fairy tale tropes, a princess rejects the whole notion and volunteers to work as a dragon’s servant. She becomes besties with Kazul, her dragon, and she fights off knights who try to steal her off to win her hand in marriage. Incredibly funny, best dragon.

Temeraire Series:
Another series. Recently got into this one. It’s the Napoleonic Wars from the point of view of a former English Navy captain…but with dragons. Dragons being human-level intelligent creatures who function as the kind of sky-ship/aerial bombers of the day. It’s both a “what if planes existed back then?” question, a question about how humans would interact with equal intelligence, a lot of questions about duty and servitude and honor. International as well. The story spans the globe, taking characters from the British Isles to China to the Middle East and the Americas. The relationship between Temeraire (a giant black Chinese dragon) and his “captain” Laurence is so great. It’s the kind of thing I wanted to get out of the Pern Dragonriders series, but much much stronger.


Project FICON (Fighter in Convair)

After the failure of the XF-85 Goblin parasite fighter, Strategic Air Command went forward with a project to launch and retrieve a specially-modified F-84 Thunderjet from the bomb bay of a B-36 Peacemaker bomber. Testing began in 1953, with the project evolving from defensive in nature to an extended reconnaissance platform. In 1955, 10 GRBD-36D reconnaissance bombers and 25 RF-84Ks entered limited service. Difficulties in service, along with the introduction of the U-2, saw this project ended in 1956.