aereopagitica-deactivated201508  asked:

how feminism would help palestine ?

This questions is very vague. This can be interpreted in two ways: How feminism would help Palestinian women, or how feminism would help Palestine’s situation. Feminism would do wonders for Palestinian women. They are oppressed on a daily basis, and I have experienced this oppression by sexual harassment, sexism, and misogyny. I once went to Ramallah when I was 11 and I was wearing shorts, and men of all ages, even ones aged like my grandpa, came up to me and harassed me. I repeat, I was only ELEVEN. Feminism would stop the extreme amount of sexual harassment Palestinian women go through everyday. We are not allowed to wear “revealing” clothing, or go out late at night, or express our views and opinions, or be liberal, or have tattoos or piercings, etc.. In Palestine, women are expected to get married and raise children and be housewives as soon as they graduate. Feminism defies that notion. Many young Palestinian women and men are embracing the idea of feminism and realizing the importance of equality and stopping sexism and misogyny. It would help Palestinian women tremendously. As for how feminism would help Palestine’s situation, it wouldn’t. That’s an issue of Zionism.