Team Avatar! Go!

Missed Halloween but better late than never! I wish I made Tenzin bigger.. I didn’t think he would come out so well haha.. Anyways.. after doing the LOK/Soul Eater cross over I kept thinking of other crossovers I could do so here we have the Teen Titans ft. Princess Korrand'r, The Dork Wonder, Ravesami, Beast Bo, and Tenzborg. RIP to my eyes during the process of coloring.


God forbid I ever know what to do with backgrounds.

Anyways… LOK/Soul Eater crossover. Death the Korra and Jinora Albarn with their trusty weapons The Ferret Brothers and Soul Eater Kai. Plus a bonus (entering into) Death cannon mode Korra or in this case, Avatar State mode.

I’m a loser that loves drawing so much that I brought my tablet on vacation with me~

Anyways! I completely forgot about Makorra week until now so here’s a quick thing I drew up for day 1 and 2: Bodyguard and Ice Queen. I just combined them together because I got no time to draw 2 separate pieces ><


Long ago, IceKing Tonraq brought IcePrincess Korra on a diplomatic trip to the neighboring Fire Kingdom. She ended up befriending a young fire nation guard named Mako while she was there. Every time her father would go to the Fire Kingdom she would go with to see Mako again. Eventually IceKing Tonraq stepped down from the throne on Korra’s 21st birthday and Korra took the title of Icequeen. Her first royal demand was to make Mako a guard in her palace. Mako hesitated at first considering he would only end up melting the palace but she convinced him eventually. Since then, Robocop Mako hasn’t left her side even for a second. Not even when she went to the bathroom. (◡‿◡✿) The end.