Dear #prose Editors,

This post was featured. In fact, it was actually in this post that you are now reading. I felt, however, that there was a problem with the feature. 

You have chosen to feature a story from my life. I don’t mind that it was a story from my life that is featured. I did not tag it #prose because to me it isn’t anything to do with prose, it’s just a fun story I wished to share with people about me being a complete and total asshole. A good story, yes, but feature-worthy, not in the slightest.

I am not going to deny that I enjoy being featured. It is an honor to have the little blue button #prose on something I write (albeit a small one with no monetary payout; disappointment city). I love that people get to read my work and actually like it enough to give it this small honor.

But to the point: that post had no business being featured. It was a waste of a feature. I can list ten pieces that deserve that feature more than my simple life story. And I am going to take this opportunity to do just that.

In no particular order:

  1. Flying Away by lettersinblackandblue and moderateclimates
  2. The way our hands held each other… by under–the–bell–jar
  3. I Stained the Glass with Your Nose Bleed by shesanargonaut
  4. Your hands were bruised plum purple… by aepocrypha
  5. knuckles by littlevoicebiglaugh
  6. Tonight the melting moon howls… by softlycooedthedove
  7. Black Coffee by clover91
  8. shoes. by indeception
  9. Death caressed her like a lover… by katskradlexx
  10. I Scrawl To Unfurl by thethoughtsofalunatic

In my opinion, these all would be a far better use of features than the crap I wrote about being an asshole to an ex-girlfriend for fun. Maybe it’s just me, though…

People I read

I was suppose to make a list of my top 5 under appreciated writers on Tumblr, but I couldn’t do it.  So here is a list of people I like to read.  I tried to leave off blogs that already have tons of followers.  Also I didn’t list everybody so do not be offended if you are not on here.


aepocrypha - I also did a collab with her - spearmint-and-smoke



 and his brother
barbarich - I actually haven’t read much of his, but the few I have read are good.  Plus if writing is genetic at all I think he is good to go.


pretend-poet - A collab coming up also. :)

greatnesslieswithin - I forgot him in the first draft.  I’m sorry about that because he is great.  I was just trying to throw a list together.

*side note - I am not just adding everyone who likes this, but he really does deserve to be on here.