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Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars

Ain’t going back to Barton Hollow
Devil gonna follow me e'er I go
Won’t do me no good washing in the river
Can’t no preacher-man save my soul

The Phrase That Pays - The Academy Is…

Oh, doctor, doctor, I must’ve gotten the sick somehow
I’m going to ask you a series of questions
And I want them answered on the spot right now
“Is it serious?” “I’m afraid it is.”
“Am I gonna die?” “Well, son…
Death is gonna catch up to all one day
But yours is coming quicker than ours.”

Fixed At Zero - VersaEmerge

There’s a vulture on my shoulder
And he’s telling me to give in
Always hissing right in my ear
Like it’s coming from my own head

Circadian - David Cook

Mayday, somebody save me now
I’m cutting all ties from the world outside
‘Cause it’s over my head

Holy Diver - Dio

Holy diver
You’ve been down too long in the midnight sea
Oh, what’s becoming of me?

America’s Suitehearts - Fall Out Boy

Let’s hear it for America’s Suitehearts
Oh, I must confess
I’m in love with my own sins

Monster - Imagine Dragons

If I told you what I was
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous
Would you be scared?

O Death - Jen Titus

No wealth, no ruin
No silver or gold
Nothing satisfies me but your soul