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A Faceplant Moment from My Final Hour of P3P

-The Aeon Social Link -

Aigis: Say, Utahime, have you come up here to the roof of the school with a male before?

Me: *thinks* Well, there was that one time with Ryoji-kun where he confessed his undying love and Utahime said she’d stay with him…

*pauses, remembers that Aigis hates Ryoji*

Me: *sweatdrops*


Ummmm… Aigis, you’re awesome, but I just want to be friends. *Looks at dialogue options* Wait, which one is the *just friends* option? None of these look particularly one way or the other…

-Just does eeny-meany-miny-moe and picks one-

…One Rank Later…

Aigis: Hey, Uta-chan, I want to preserve your DNA by having you touch this thing in the back of my neck that holds my personality.

My FeMC: Ummm…okay…weird request. But, sure, why not?

Aigis: If I make weird noises I apologize, I’ll disable my arms and legs for this.

Me: Wait…what? What exactly are you asking me to do again?

Game: You spent a long time with Aigis.

Me: Nyx’s granny panties! …What have I done… O_o

Game: You can now unlock Metatron!

Me: Ummmm…yay?

(Okay, to be serious, the statement is vague enough that it could mean just about anything. But, considering this is the statement they generally use in romance routes…it does predispose me to a certain interpretation. But I would REALLY like to headcanon that Aigis and my FeMC are just very close friends, and that Aigis’ feelings are kind of one-sided. Same with the Male MC was I working on when I was playing the original P3. The RP MC in the RP the Hermit and I conduct on the other hand…might think differently. We shall see.)