aeon rings

I'm calling it now....

Dr. Abraham Erskine was really one of the lost Blue Wizards, a member of the Istari who stayed behind when the Elves faded or finally took the journey over the Sea. 

He stayed for the ten thousand years of Gondor’s glory and its ruin.

He was there, along with the Handmaiden of Nienna, when Gondor fell, smuggling away the last Prince of the line of Elessar, the little boy who would be the uncrowned king.

Aeons later, he would wander the world, quietly watching over the race of Humankind, as they forgot the ancient histories, the tales, the Silmarils, the Shadow and the Ring. 

Aeons later, he would take on the guise of a kindly scientist, in the midst of a great war, seeking the one person who would be worthy of the gift of strength and power that would enable him to stand even against this new incarnation of Morgoth’s Shadow. 

He would find him in a tiny young man who would tell him that he didn’t want to kill Nazis. That he just hated bullies.  That he would stand up for the little guy, for the weak, even though he himself was physically weak. 

Dr. Abraham Erskine, once Pallando the Blue, would know that here was one worthy of his Gift. 

Of course it would be the uncrowned king, reborn again through so many lifetimes. 

Of course, it would be the Captain that men would follow even under the bloody shadow of the Red Skull. 

The Wizard smiled. 

- end -

Note:  So…. uh, remember that I made many references to Steve being the “uncrowned king?” Yeah, this was the reason why.

Also, I am firmly convinced that the god damn super soldier serum was magic.  ABSOLUTE MAGIC.  That’s the only reasonable explanation as to why only Zola got close with Bucky and then, since Bucky wasn’t going to be HYDRA’s happy soldier, had to brain-whammy that poor guy into following HYDRA’s orders.