aeon flux the animated series


Æon Flux Panoramic Views

I decided to stitch together screen captures from a few of the pan shots in Æon Flux. The first 2 were slightly tricky and time consuming and if you watch a clip of those shots or click through them frame by frame, you’ll see why. The visuals in this series are simply breathtaking.

  • A Last Time for Everything
  • Isthmus Crypticus
  • Pilot
  • End Sinister
  • Ether Drift Theory

Æon Flux (1991 - 1995)

  • I know it’s not the popular opinion among fans of the Æon Flux animated series but I think season 3 is the strongest. With the third season, Peter Chung managed to retain the surreal visual essence of the shorts while adding a narrative where the dialogue is minimal but exquisite and seductive. The pilot and shorts is where it all began but I loved seeing more of the world and getting a better sense of Aeon and Trevor’s ambivalent relationship.