“Why Rhaena? What’s wrong with Rhaenys? What’s wrong with my mother’s name?” Aenys asks, sulking.

Alyssa touches her husband’s arm, gently. “There is nothing wrong with your mother’s name. Nothing at all. It is a great name befitting a great woman. But -”

“She was the best woman who ever lived. The best!” insists the young man whose mother died when he was only three.

“She certainly was,” Alyssa agrees, about this woman she has never met, to placate her husband. “But I think perhaps it will be better to name our daughter, our firstborn, after both your mothers. To honor Queen Visenya as well as the late Queen Rhaenys. It will -”

“Visenya is only my aunt, not my mother,” Aenys interrupts.

“Your stepmother, then.”

“When Maegor has a daughter of his own, he can name her after his mother. Why should I have to do it?”

Because your stepmother is staring at our daughter as if she would like to devour her whole. Because her son, eleven though he only is, already prides himself on besting you in every form of manly arts, except the siring of children. Because we have to pretend an outward deference and a show of the greatest respect to the queen, the only queen who still lives. Because your mother is no longer alive to champion your cause, and our children’s cause. Because we have to be careful, so very careful.

She could not say these things to her husband, however. It will only distress him, confuse him, bring about his terrible headache and his gripping belly-ache, and cause him to dither and waver endlessly about the right course of action to take. Instead, Alyssa tries a different tack to convince him.

“Will it not distress your father greatly, to have another Rhaenys in the family? Even the mention of your mother’s name often causes him the greatest melancholy. He still mourns her deeply and feels the lost as if it had occurred only the day before.”

Aenys frowns, considering this.

Alyssa’s hand moves from stroking his arm to caressing his cheek. “If you were to die before me … if you were gone from my side, I would not wish for another kin to bear your name. You should be the only one. My only Aenys.”

He smiles, shyly, like a little boy offered an embrace. Whenever Alyssa is straining to be patient with him, or struggling with the wish that her husband is not so … Aenys-like, she reminds herself of this smile, of this sweet boy she tells herself she must protect like she would have protected her younger brothers, even though she and her husband are both of the same age.

“You are right,” he finally says. “Rhaena is a good name for our daughter.”


The World Of Ice And Fire meme
5/7 Dates: 44 AC - Visenya’s Death

The death of Dowager Queen Visenya in 44AC was a notable event although Maegor seemed to take it in his stride.  She had been his greatest ally and supporter from birth, seeking his advancement over his elder brother Aenys, and doing what she could do secure his legacy.  In the confusion after her death, Aenys’s widow, Queen Alyssa, slipped away from Dragonstone with her children, as well as with Dark Sister, Visenya’s Valyrian steel sword.

cstaple  asked:

How do you feel about the theory that Aegon I was sterile and that Aenys was conceived by another man, while Maegor was conceived by some kind of hocus-pocus by Visenya?

Thanks for the question, cstaple.

I’m aware of the theory, but, I don’t think it’s the case. Certainly, it was rumored in his own time that Aenys was not his son:

But though his father and brother, Maegor (who was Visenya’s child), were both warriors born, Aenys was made of different stuff. He had begun life as a weak and sickly infant and remained so throughout his earliest years. Rumors abounded that this could be no true son of Aegon the Conqueror, who had been a warrior without peer. In fact, it was well-known that Queen Rhaenys delighted in handsome singers and witty mummers; perhaps one of these might have fathered the child. But the rumors dampened and eventually died when the sickly child was given a young hatchling who was named Quicksilver. 

Even so, would Rhaenys have risked all her gains - becoming not merely a queen consort, but a queen who issued rulings from atop the Iron Throne and fought the crown’s enemies on dragonback - for casual sex with a member of her court? She would likely have known the risks (any child she had would have to look Valyrian, as both of his/her parents did, which would not necessarily be the case if the child’s father was non-Valyrian-looking), and while that doesn’t mean she would not have done it anyway (Rhaenyra having jumped in with both feet and ended up with, well, Strongs in all but name), the decision to do so would have carried significant dangers. The (admittedly limited) information we have on Rhaenys presents a portrait of a clever and capable queen; again, while that doesn’t automatically preclude Rhaenys from having conceived a child by a lover and passing it off as her husband’s son ([cough cough] Catherine the Great), but I think it makes it less likely she would have taken such a risk for such a limited and ephemeral reward (especially when, unlike Catherine, Rhaenys does not seem to have thoroughly loathed Aegon, even if her love for him did not equal his for her).

As far as Visenya goes, it was also rumored in her lifetime that she dabbled in sorceries. Based on the reading of the “Sons of the Dragon” story that we’ll be getting later this year, it may well have been the case that sorceries were involved in Maegor’s conception (since Visenya was supposed to have been barren, but then suddenly announced that she was pregnant with a son and thereafter gave birth to Maegor). But if Visenya didn’t need Aegon to conceive him, why would she wait until after Prince Aenys’ birth, thereby placing her own son at a dynastic disadvantage? No, I think it was more the case that, although he had never intended to conceive a child with Visenya, Aegon felt forced to father a son on her after Rhaenys’ death, as his precious heir Aenys was a sickly child; seeing her opportunity, Visenya then, I think, used sorceries to make sure that she would conceive (since she was past 40 when Maegor was born) and that the child would be a boy. 

Now, would it be amusing on some level if none of the Targaryens were actually descended from the great patriarch they all hoped to emulate or surpass? Sure. But at the end of the day, whether his genetic material went into the making of them or not, Aegon I acknowledged both Aenys and Maegor as his trueborn sons; he, at least, had no doubts that they were his. Just as well, there’s no indication in the text that Aegon had difficulty fathering living children; given that Maester Yandel is not shy about pointing out where other Targaryens face infertility issues, but keeps mum on Aegon having the same, I’m willing to believe there’s not really historical evidence in support of this point.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 3/3 events ~ alyssa velarion’s escape from dragonstone

The death of the Dowager Queen Visenya in 44 AC was a notable event although Maegor seemed to take it in his stride. She had been his greatest ally and supporter from birth, seeking his advancement over his elder brother Aenys, and doing what she could to secure his legacy. In the confusion after her death, Aenys’s widow, Queen Alyssa, slipped away from Dragonstone with her children, as well as with Dark Sister, Visenya’s Valyrian steel sword. Alyssa and Aenys’s next eldest son after Aegon, Prince Viserys, had been kept at the Red Keep as the king’s squire, however, and he suffered for her flight. He died after nine days of questioning at the hands of Tyanna of the Tower. The king left his body in the castle courtyard, like so much offal, for a fortnight, hoping that word of it would force Queen Alyssa to claim her son’s body, but she did not return. Viserys was fifteen at his death.


(Janet Montgomery as Betha Blackwood)

“What sort of queen will you be?”

“A good one, I should hope.”

“And it begins with advising your husband to sentence me to death?”

“You must be punished. Surely you see that. If you are not punished, then Aegon’s words will not be worth the scroll they are written on. Safe passage was promised to that Blackfyre pretender.”

“I see a king who would not have been king if Aenys Blackfyre’s head had not been struck off by my order. I see a realm drenched in blood if I had cared more about keeping my word and about my oh-so-precious honor than about the good of the realm.”

“And I see a king whose reign begins with a broken promise and an unpunished crime. Such a king –“

“- could not hope to rule in peace for long. I know. What must be, must be.”

“Aegon will offer you the chance to take the black in lieu of death. You must accept it.”

“Must I? Perhaps I prefer death. Have you thought of that?”

“Uncle, you must!”

Brynden Rivers is not really an uncle, more a cousin a few times removed, but Uncle Brynden he had always been to Betha. The thought of him losing his head makes her shudder.

He lifts up her chin. “Hold your head up. You had the right of it. I must be punished, for the sake of the crown. A queen must not waver, must not lose the courage of her conviction, especially one married to a dreamer such as Aegon.”

“Aegon is a good man, and he will be a good king.”

“Perhaps. If he has a strong enough string tethering him down to earth while he dreams of flying.”

“You mean yourself? You are that string?”

He laughs. “No, Betha. I mean you. I mean his queen.”

“What if I want to fly too? What if I want to be by his side holding his hand while he reaches up for his dream?”

“You can be by his side, but you must never lose sight of the ground. You do not have the luxury, child.”

“I am not a child, Uncle.”

“No, you are not, Your Grace.”

The Unsung Queens: Alyssa Velaryon and Rhaena Targaryen

This is an essay that I never wrote for the Ladies of Fire series, and in retrospect I don’t know why. Alyssa and Rhaena are two women I’ve only lately (relatively speaking) come to see as keystones of the Targaryen dynasty. I firmly hold that, had Alyssa not carefully managed Jaehaerys’ flight to safety and earliest reign and had Rhaena not stolen away from Maegor and acclaimed Jaehaerys king, the Targaryen royal dream would have collapsed only a generation after it started. The country was in shambles, with Maegor locked in bloody combat against the Faith and anyone who stood in his way; further infighting in the royal House might have convinced the lords of Westeros that they had been far better off in their petty kingdoms, that the Aegon Doctrine was a bad bargain with mad and heretical dragonriding aliens. Thanks to Alyssa and Rhaena, however, the Targaryens didn’t collapse; unified against Maegor, mother and daughter preserved the royal line for its greatest king. Brave, intelligent, and strong despite the terrible decisions they had to make, Alyssa and Rhaena really are the unsung queens of House Targaryen.

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I really enjoyed the Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox film. Yobi was so adorable! I’d have to say it was pretty decent, except for the romance parts.

(I tried to stick with the film’s style for the most part. It was difficult.)



Valaena Velaryon, wife of Aerion Targaryen, Lord of Dragonstone, and the mother of Visenya, Aegon I and Rhaenys Targaryen

Visenya Targaryen, the older of King Aegon I’s sister-queens and mother of Maegor I

Rhaenys Targaryen, the younger of Aegon I’s sister-queens and mother of Aenys I

anonymous asked:

So if Renly had born a girl would Aenys picked Female Renly to be Rhaegar's bride? If it did happen would it be enough to keep the southron ambitions alliance in check?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Very possibly. It was clear that Aerys wanted a Valyrian-blooded bride for his heir, and a child of Steffon Baratheon would be a quarter Targaryen - not so close as a sister, but closer than Rhaegar would get elsewhere. What’s more, it’s also clear that Aerys trusted Steffon Baratheon, friend of his childhood: not only was Steffon the king’s first cousin and his old fellow squire, but there were already rumors at the time of Steffon being sent to Volantis that the king was going to install the Lord of Storm’s End as Hand upon his return. Aerys might have thought there was no danger, as there was (or so he assumed) with Lord Tywin, that Lord Steffon would turn cloak, supporting Rhaegar and his daughter over the king in a coup d'état. 

The only problem would have been the significant age gap: baby Renly was born 18 years after Prince Rhaegar, so with a female counterpart, the Prince of Dragonstone would be waiting until he was at least 30 to consider producing heirs of his own. It might have been that, like little Lady Hayford and young Tyrek Lannister, this female Baratheon would have been wed to Rhaegar while still a baby, with the understanding that actual consummation would wait for a more appropriate age for the baby crown princess. Still, there might have been the danger that Rhaegar would attempt to have this marriage undone, either for (obviously) lack of consummation or lack of consent on his baby bride’s part; depending on how generous the High Septon was feeling (or how much he disliked the king), the powers of the Faith might have declared this marriage a nullity, and Rhaegar subsequently free to make a match of his own. 

As far as southron ambitions goes … well, that depends. I’ve said before that I think the purpose of the alliance bloc was to tell the crown “You can’t push us around or ignore us”. What’s more, I tend to think bringing heir Robert into the bloc was a subtle message that the SA plotters controlled the next most obvious heirs of the Targaryen bloodline. Should Robert’s sister have wed the crown prince as a baby, that gives a whole decade more in which the Targaryen dynasty would hang by two threads, which would help the plotters. Perhaps Rhaegar would have been more willing himself to make those “changes” he hinted at to Jaime Lannister: with his bride being a sister of the future (or current) Lord of Storm’s End and sister-in-law of the Lord of Winterfell’s daughter/sister, she might make a natural conduit by which Rhaegar could have communicated with the Starks, Baratheons, Tullys, and Arryns. Of course, that depends on what Rhaegar saw as his role, especially as concerns his prophetic desires, which is itself highly speculative.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

It’s just so interesting looking back on what Arya told her Father about her future.

“Can I be a King’s Councillor and build castles and become the High Septon?”

Ned tells her she will marry a King and rule his Castle, and will possibly have a child that may become the High Septon.

The similarities to Good Queen Alysanne is almost freakish.

  • Alysanne wasn’t raised with the expectation that she would be Queen.

  • Alysanne was the youngest living daughter of King Aenys I Targaryen. 

  • Alysanne was 12 years old when her brother became king. Arya will turn 12 in Winds of Winter, when Jon becomes KiTN

  • Alysanne was a dragonrider who loved to fly. *Arya also has a bond with a mythical beast in her Direwolf, one that she can warg. Arya also expresses a desire to fly several times. She says she wants to turn into a wolf with wings

  • Alysanne is a keen archer and hunter. Very “tomboy” and unlady-like activities. Arya has demonstrated all these traits.

  • Queen Alysanne enjoyed physical activity (a quality that would have appealed to her brother Jaehaerys, who was reputed to be a fine rider as well as a skilled archer and horseman). They spent many years growing up together before Jaehaerys became King. Alysanne’s older sister already married off several times in violent and political marriages.

  • Alysanne married her brother Jaehaerys and became Queen. She was also the  King’s most trusted Counsellor.

It is commonly believed the name Lyanna gives Jon at his birth is Jaehaerys.

  • Alysanne was loved by the smallfolk. She lived amongst them even after becoming Queen. Sounds familiar?

_ “Sansa knew all about the sorts of people Arya liked to talk to: squires and grooms and serving girls, old men and naked children, rough-spoken freeriders of uncertain birth. Arya would make friends with anybody.”_


“Arya had loved nothing better than to sit at her farthers table and listen to them talk. She had loved listening to the men on the benches too; to freeriders tough as leather, courtly knights and bold young squires, and gizzeld old men at arms.”

Arya, even while being brainwashed by the FM, she is still a social butterfly. Still making friends where ever she went. It’s interesting she preferred Cat of the Canals of all of her other disguises. Sidenote: In her backstory for Cat, Arya actually says that Cat arrived to Braavos on ship named Nymeria.

“She missed the friends she’d had when she was Cat of the Canals; Old Brusco with his bad back, his daughters Talea and Brea, the mummers from the Ship, Merry and her whores at the Happy Port, all the other rogues and wharfside scum. She missed Cat herself the most of all, even more than she missed her eyes. She had liked being Cat, more than she had ever liked being Salty or Squab or Weasel or Arry.”

- Queen Alysanne planned and funded the building of a Castle called Deep Lake. She had Queensgate named in her honor. Arya wants to build Castles

Alysanne was a fierce believer in woman’s rights and actively changed societies standards. “Alysanne saw no reason why a man should be favored over a woman”. Which is something Arya strongly believes in and has even told Jon directly.


The Unnamed Stark - Torrhen Stark’s daughter

She was married to Ronnel Arryn, Lord of the Vale. This marriage had been arranged by Queen Rhaenys Targaryen, as an attempt to knit the new realm together. There are letters at the Citadel, which suggest that Lord Stark only agreed to this match after much protest, and that his sons had refused to attend the wedding. Lord Ronnel would be killed early in the reign of King Aenys I Targaryen by his own brother, Jonos. Ronnel’s entire family was killed with him. It is unknow whether Torrhen’s daughter was still alive at this point.

anonymous asked:

How do you think it was the relationship between Bloodraven and Maester Aemon at the Wall?

Assuming Aemon didn’t undergo any radical shift in personality, I’d imagine the relations were pretty good. Both have an interest in lore, after all. Unless Aemon didn’t like Brynden because of his policies during his time as Hand or how he handled the Aenys Blackfyre affair, I say that the two had more to bond over rather than push them apart.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

“What does he want?” she asked, after Orys had spent half the day cloistered in his solar with Aegon.

“What makes you think he wants anything?”

“Of course he wants something. He always does. Is there another war he wants you to fight for him? Somewhere else he wants to send you?”

So you could lose another limb? And worse, lose your faith in yourself?

“He wants me to accompany him to Tarth, the only part of the stormlands he has yet to visit.”

“What else?” There was something else, she could tell from the catch in his voice. It was something he knew she would mislike, she was certain of it.

“He spoke of Davos,” Orys finally said.

“Our Davos?” Their elder son, currently sparring in the courtyard with the master-at-arms, while his brother Raymont and Prince Aenys stood watching. Raymont looked eager, if somewhat envious that his older brother was now old enough to be allowed to spar with a grown man, but Prince Aenys only looked terrified, shielding his eyes with both hands when things got too heated.

No, Argella thought. No. You cannot have him. Not our son.

“A squire,” Orys was saying. “The right age.” Argella heard nothing else.

“You must refuse him. You must!”

“Must I?” There was a curious tone to his voice that would have given her pause at any other time, but the thought of her son serving the dragon king drove out all other considerations from her mind.

“What about the plan to send Davos to squire for one of the marcher lords? We have discussed that.”

“Nothing has been settled as yet. I have not made any promises that if broken, would cause offense to any lord.”  

“Davos is your heir. He must squire for a lord from the stormlands, to know his own people, his own land. What good will it do for him to waste his time in Dragonstone and King’s Landing?”

“Aegon spends most of the year on his progress, travelling the realm. It will be good for Davos to know the rest of the realm, to have the chance to see the Seven Kingdoms in its entirety.”

All this talk one king and one realm maddened her. “Our son will not be king of the Seven Kingdoms. He will not be king of the rest of the realm. What good will it do for him, to be travelling the realm with Aegon? He will not even be king of the stormlands!”

“Too bad his father is only a bastard-born upjumped lord, not a king with thousands of years of history supporting him. Is that what stuck in your craw, my lady, your children being fathered by one so unworthy? Who had you envisioned as the father to your children?The King of the Reach? The King in the North? Did you share the sentiment your lord father conveyed in his contemptuous reply to Aegon’s offer of myself for your husband, back then?”

The unfairness of the accusation stung her. This had nothing to do with that at all. She lashed out, furiously. “Davos would not need a king as his father if he had the storm queen as his mother.”

“Too bad his mother lost her crown, and could not keep the loyalty of her own men.”

She laughed, bitterly. “And there it is. Finally. The thing you have always wanted to throw in my face.”

“I did not mean those words,” he said, aghast. “Argella –” he reached out for her, but quickly pulled back, as if stung, when he saw her recoiling from his touch.

“You meant it. I know you did. You’ve always thought it, I suspected that all along. Where would she be, if not for my gallantry, my chivalry, my kindness? The great Lord Orys, so kind, so generous, so -”

“Don’t,” he said. “We have said too much in anger. Things that are not true, that are only meant to hurt.”

“You are wrong. Things said in anger could be the truest of all, when all pretenses of courtesies and good manners have been stripped bare.” She drove on. “You would send our son to serve Aegon? When you know how I feel about him, how much I loathe him?”

“Davos would be serving Aegon when he is Lord of Storm’s End. He owes the king his leal service, like I do.”

“Is that what your king fears? That if you die before I do, I would try to influence our son to deny Aegon his loyalty?

“He has no thought of that. He is not the scheming villain you take him to be.”

Argella scoffed. “He is as cuddly as a dragon, your king.”

“I know of another truth you will not admit. That it is not Aegon you truly despise and resent. Aegon was not the one who slew your father, who took your castle, your land.”

“Don’t you think I know that? I have to live with you, wake up next to you –“

“Suffer my seeds to grow in your womb.”

“Yes! Yes, that too.”

He nodded, as if this was something he had suspected all along. His voice was barely audible when he asked, “So it was all pretend, make-believe? Those moments when I thought you truly enjoyed it, going to bed with me? Your moans, your cries of pleasure, they were all lies? When I thought you might have had some joy in our union.”

“That was lust, mere lust. I am a woman with needs. And you are comely enough, my lord, and skillful enough to do your duty in that regard.”

She had hated it, at first, that he was gentle with her. She had hated herself even more for responding to his caress, to his touch. Why do you refuse to be the heartless monster I had thought you to be, so I could hate you in peace?


“Why, do you think a woman is not capable of lust? Only a man? Do you think your show of chivalry would cause me to be so grateful that I would grow to love you?”

He flushed. “It was not for show. It was never for show.”

“Do you think I would fall on my knees, proclaiming my undying love for you? Is that the just reward you expected? It is not enough that I have given you sons, that I have been your faithful wife, that I have kept your castle and protected your land for you while you serve your king, this castle that used to be mine, this land that should have been mine. No, you want me to love you too. How do you think it makes me feel, to be under such an obligation to the man who killed my father and stole my inheritance?”

“There is no such obligation. I have never asked it of you.”

“No, not with words, never with words. But with everything else. Your eyes, your expectant gaze, your touch. You are greedy, my lord. You do not mean to be, I know you well enough to know that, at least, but you are greedy nonetheless, when it comes to our marriage.”  

“There is no such obligation,” he repeated. “If I have somehow made you feel that there is, then forgive me for the mistake, my lady. But consider yourself released from it.”



ladies of asoiaf [6/?]: Tyanna of the Tower

Tyanna, also known as Tyanna of Pentos and Tyanna of the Tower, was a Pentoshi woman who became a wife of King Maegor I Targaryen. The beautiful Tyanna became Maegor’s lover during his exile in Pentos; she was rumored to be Queen Alys Harroway’s paramour as well.
After Maegor was crowned king, his rule was challenged by the Faith of the Seven with a trial of seven. Maegor won but was grievously wounded. Twenty-eight days later Alys arrived from Pentos with Tyanna. The Dowager Queen, Visenya Targaryen, after meeting with Tyanna, gave the king over to her care alone, a fact that troubled Maegor’s supporters. Tyanna married Maegor in 42 AC.
When Queen Alyssa Velaryon, slipped away from Dragonstone with her children, as well as with the sword Dark Sister. Alyssa and Aenys’s second son, Prince Viserys, had been kept at the Red Keep as the king’s squire, however, and he suffered for her flight. He died after nine days of questioning at the hands of Tyanna of the Tower.
Tyanna served as mistress of whisperers on her husband’s small council and was dubbed “the king’s raven”.
Tyanna eventually confessed her responsibility for the abominations that were born of Maegor’s seed, claiming she had poisoned his other brides. She was killed by Maegor’s own hand in 48 AC, her heart cut out with the sword Blackfyre and thrown to his dogs.

Janet Montgomery as Tyanna of the tower

dark---souls  asked:

What's your favorite quote?

 OOh, I have so so many. Currently I am studying Virgil’s Aenied, and kind of obsessed by it, and there are loads of good quotes such as;

“If I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell.” 
“ Jupiter is king to all alike; the fates will find their way.”

I also love pretty much every line of Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe (read it. it is gorgeous!) and this quote from winnie the pooh.

 “You’re braver than you believe and stronger and smarter than you think.”