TARGARYEN WEEK | day vi (one relationship) - Visenya & Maegor 

The death of the Dowager Queen Visenya in 44 AC was a notable event although Maegor seemed to take it in his stride. She had been his greatest ally and supporter from birth, seeking his advancement over his elder brother Aenys, and doing what she could to secure his legacy.


Early Targaryens: TS3 & TS4 Edition

Madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin. Every time a new Targaryen is born, he said, the gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land.”

This is a collaboration between myself and the wonderful @tyrellsimsoficeandfire, my TS3 twin! We decided to do a side-by-side photoshoot of our early Targaryens: Aegon, Rhaenys, Visenya, Aenys, and Maegor. Make sure you visit their blog to see a different version of this post.

anonymous asked:

I am personally of the belief that visenya killed Aenys to put Maegor on the throne. My question is, why did she wait so long? Why not kill Aenys after Rhaenys death? She could have disguised it as an an accident or poisoning him slowly over time till he passed away from what look like a weak constitution. Which given Aenys sickly features would have been believed.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

I too think Visenya ended Aenys’ life on Dragonstone, but Visenya was no fool. Killing the crown prince, or later the king, is well, serious business; the slightest misstep would spell the end, not simply for Visenya’s ambitions, but very possibly her life and the life of her son. Killing Aenys would not have guaranteed that Maegor would be automatically acknowledged as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, or the rightful king; she would have to keep herself and Maegor free from any suspicion of foul play, and wait for the opportune moment when Maegor, rather than Aenys, would be seen as the best ruler for the realm.

While Aegon lived, I think Visenya, probably correctly, thought that poisoning or otherwise killing the crown prince would be far too fraught with peril to work. Aenys might have been a sickly youth, but he was still the only living reminder Aegon had of his beloved Rhaenys, a son whom the king doubtless doted upon and preferred as his heir. If some ill were to befall him, who would be immediately suspected? Visenya’s ambitions for her son were well-known, her association with poisons and dark arts similarly infamous; what’s more, as queen, Visenya would have had reasonable and direct access to the crown prince - the opportunity for her means and motive. On top of all of that, of course, Aegon had virtually no love for the sister-wife he had wed merely out of duty: he had conceived Maegor with her explicitly out of need for a “spare” for the succession, but their relationship, as Yandel notes, had only grown cooler with time. Would he, who had known both of his sisters better than anyone living and seen their rivalry, have been slow to suspect Visenya of trying to cut Aenys out and clear the way for Maegor to succeed? Visenya, clever as she was, doubtless had a healthy apprehension of her brother, the one man in Westeros who could do her or her son harm, and who had draconic power greater than her own.

The other problem I think Visenya saw in killing Aenys at a young age is that her Maegor was five years his junior. Even if she managed to kill Aenys and Aegon helpfully died not long after (rather than ruling to a goodly age as IOTL, where he might have had more time to suspect Visenya of murdering his firstborn or marry again and provide Maegor with a younger rival), it would still be some years until Maegor was capable of ruling on his own. The Targaryen dynasty was still in its infancy, and adding strain to that fragility by ruling with a regency might have made the whole system collapse. Visenya might have thought that the Westerosi aristocracy, whom she had never courted the way her younger sister had and of whom many still longed for the old days of independent kingdoms, would not accept an outworlder woman ruling in the name of her incestuously born son, even if Maegor eventually became master of Balerion and a fearsome power in his own right. By the time Maegor reached his majority, moreover, Aenys had had a son and heir - another impediment to Maegor’s succeeding.

Finally - and I said this above, but I think it’s an important point - Visenya was smart enough to understand that merely killing Aenys was not a ticket to automatic success for Maegor. When he ascended the throne, Aenys was seen as charming, well-loved by courtiers and smallfolk alike, and known for his patronage of the arts. He had also fathered five living children, establishing a strong next generation of the dynasty. If she wanted Maegor on the throne, Visenya would have had to undermine this foundation - to show that Maegor was truly his father’s heir, and give him the backing necessary to prove it. So through Aenys’ reign, Visenya took subtle steps in furthering Maegor’s cause: first, by attempting to wed him to Princess Rhaena (thereby setting up dynastic continuity when Aenys’ line was exterminated), and then by marrying him to Alys Harroway (giving him the incomes and levies of Harrenhal to support whatever coup was necessary in the future). I think she was waiting for the ideal time when popular support would turn from weak Aenys to strong Maegor before she took care of Aenys personally.

Thus, when she actually did poison Aenys, it was at the prime moment of opportunity. Aenys had effectively disinherited himself and his heir by ordaining Aegon’s incestuous marriage. The Faith had denounced him and all but explicitly declared war on him, the capital was in chaos, and the crown prince was many leagues away and in a state of siege. The realm needed a strong presence, and one unconnected to the perceived corruption of Aenys’ reign; Maegor, former Hand of the King who had single-handedly crushed the Jonos Arryn uprising, might have seemed the ideal choice. The realm would little mourn Aenys now, and in the political chaos few if any would charge Visenya with kinslaying and kingslaying (as indeed, those rumors began only after her death).

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

“Why Rhaena? What’s wrong with Rhaenys? What’s wrong with my mother’s name?” Aenys asks, sulking.

Alyssa touches her husband’s arm, gently. “There is nothing wrong with your mother’s name. Nothing at all. It is a great name befitting a great woman. But -”

“She was the best woman who ever lived. The best!” insists the young man whose mother died when he was only three.

“She certainly was,” Alyssa agrees, about this woman she has never met, to placate her husband. “But I think perhaps it will be better to name our daughter, our firstborn, after both your mothers. To honor Queen Visenya as well as the late Queen Rhaenys. It will -”

“Visenya is only my aunt, not my mother,” Aenys interrupts.

“Your stepmother, then.”

“When Maegor has a daughter of his own, he can name her after his mother. Why should I have to do it?”

Because your stepmother is staring at our daughter as if she would like to devour her whole. Because her son, eleven though he only is, already prides himself on besting you in every form of manly arts, except the siring of children. Because we have to pretend an outward deference and a show of the greatest respect to the queen, the only queen who still lives. Because your mother is no longer alive to champion your cause, and our children’s cause. Because we have to be careful, so very careful.

She could not say these things to her husband, however. It will only distress him, confuse him, bring about his terrible headache and his gripping belly-ache, and cause him to dither and waver endlessly about the right course of action to take. Instead, Alyssa tries a different tack to convince him.

“Will it not distress your father greatly, to have another Rhaenys in the family? Even the mention of your mother’s name often causes him the greatest melancholy. He still mourns her deeply and feels the lost as if it had occurred only the day before.”

Aenys frowns, considering this.

Alyssa’s hand moves from stroking his arm to caressing his cheek. “If you were to die before me … if you were gone from my side, I would not wish for another kin to bear your name. You should be the only one. My only Aenys.”

He smiles, shyly, like a little boy offered an embrace. Whenever Alyssa is straining to be patient with him, or struggling with the wish that her husband is not so … Aenys-like, she reminds herself of this smile, of this sweet boy she tells herself she must protect like she would have protected her younger brothers, even though she and her husband are both of the same age.

“You are right,” he finally says. “Rhaena is a good name for our daughter.”

anonymous asked:

So in your mind, Aenys and Maegor embodied the best traits of their father father Aegon but they themselves exhibited these best traits in the worst possible way. Aenys was gregarious and openhanded but indecisive and dependent. Maegor was strong and capable but brutal and shortsighted.

That’s a good way of putting it, but both also failed to appreciate when to use it and more importantly, why. Knowing when to be decisive in a leadership role separates the ditherers from the team-builders, and knowing when to tone it down is what stops a conflict from being a war unending. That’s something that good leaders train in their replacements to ensure the health and continuity of the organization that they lead.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

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So, I agree that Preston Jacobs is not a good source for critique or theories, but one of his videos covered the idea that the Targ's had a genetic 'ability' to hatch or ride dragons and how the gene to 'hatch' dragons was lost after the dance. I found it a compelling idea if nothing else. What are your thoughts on that?

Look, I tried. It took me over an hour, but I made it through Part 1 of his “The Genetics of Dragons and War” series (which, for the record, was 16 minutes long; I literally couldn’t sit and watch it all at once). I did this so that none of you poor followers would have to watch it; take it from me, your beloved overlord, that this is wholly without merit and as piss-poor analysis of the text as I have ever see.  It is unmitigated garbage

Ordinarily, I would just laugh at something this bad. I mean, the insistence on Mendelian mapping of a “double dragon x” gene on the pre-Conquest Targaryens (which he invents ex nihilo and applies to individuals with the same accuracy and care as a drunken creator god), the highlighting of Rhaena as a marital prize because she had the coveted “double dragon x” gene, his statement that “Religion was just the pretext for the Faith’s war against Maegor. Dragons were the real reason”, all of these are just amusingly bad anecdotes. Every statement de-contextualizes or outwardly ignores textual evidence, but in such an earnest and determined way. This isn’t my first time at the crack rodeo, I’ve seen these tricks before, and this is just a particularly thoroughly amusing example. 

Until you get to the part that broke me. The part that turned this from “annoying but stupidly entertaining” to “just plain pissed me off”. He asserts that Vermithor and Silverwing were actually hatched by Aerea and Rhalla Targaryen (you might wonder how the former was possible, considering Vermithor was “almost a hundred years old” at the tail end of the Dance of the Dragons, in 130 AC - along with some other factors - while the girls weren’t born until 42 or 43 AC, but he doesn’t), and that the reason the dragons were so close, coiling about one another, was because they were twins’ dragons. You, the careful ASOIAF reader, might say “But wait! Their riders, Jaehaerys and Alysanne, were happily married, couldn’t that explain their closeness?” To which Preston Jacobs has an answer:

“However, [Jaeherys and Alysanne] didn’t have the best marriage, suffering two estrangements.”

This man’s argument is literally based on the idea that Jaehaerys and Alysanne “didn’t have the best marriage”. You know, despite the fact that Alysanne ruled the realm as much as the king did, despite the fact that they were married for 46 years and for the most part had a happy marriage, despite the fact that Yandel literally calls her Jaehaerys’ great love, for some reason, Preston Jacobs decided that this all meant they “didn’t have the best marriage”. That was where I was done. This isn’t the only out of context quote he uses, but it’s the most angering for me, because it flies so fundamentally in the face of evidence. You don’t get to talk smack about Jaehaerys and Alysanne around me, and you certainly don’t get to use your bullshit analysis of their marriage as a keystone of your bullshit theory.

I wish I had the strength to go through every statement this video makes and explain just why it’s wrong and why it makes no sense. But I don’t. Psychologically, I can’t. This video, and I presume the others of his, are littered with nonsensical statements like the one above, built out of singular lines from the text that either utterly ignore the context or are actually contradicted by the context, alongside non-sequiturs that he brings up to undermine his point, then never answers (like how, if neither Rhaenys nor Visenya were “double dragon x”, the dragon Quicksilver could have hatched and been presented to Aenys while still a hatchling). Preston Jacobs does not deserve your time and attention. Do not watch him. I do not endorse him.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

Not only did Robert Baratheon do absolutely nothing to punish the murderers of Elia, Rhaenys and Aegon, he basically rewarded the mastermind by making his daughter queen, the very thing Twyin had always wanted in the first place. 

I’m sure Jon Arryn came up with many sound political justifications for the Baratheon-Lannister alliance, with a long list of benefits for Robert and the Iron Throne. But if I were a Martell, why would I not see this as yet another giant middle finger with a FUCK YOU! from the Iron Throne, pouring even more salt on the wound?

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The Unsung Queens: Alyssa Velaryon and Rhaena Targaryen

This is an essay that I never wrote for the Ladies of Fire series, and in retrospect I don’t know why. Alyssa and Rhaena are two women I’ve only lately (relatively speaking) come to see as keystones of the Targaryen dynasty. I firmly hold that, had Alyssa not carefully managed Jaehaerys’ flight to safety and earliest reign and had Rhaena not stolen away from Maegor and acclaimed Jaehaerys king, the Targaryen royal dream would have collapsed only a generation after it started. The country was in shambles, with Maegor locked in bloody combat against the Faith and anyone who stood in his way; further infighting in the royal House might have convinced the lords of Westeros that they had been far better off in their petty kingdoms, that the Aegon Doctrine was a bad bargain with mad and heretical dragonriding aliens. Thanks to Alyssa and Rhaena, however, the Targaryens didn’t collapse; unified against Maegor, mother and daughter preserved the royal line for its greatest king. Brave, intelligent, and strong despite the terrible decisions they had to make, Alyssa and Rhaena really are the unsung queens of House Targaryen.

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Robar was five, the first time he proposed marriage to Alyssa. That had been his year for proposing marriages. Not long before the Prince of Dragonstone, his lady wife and their two children arrived in Storm’s End for a visit, Robar had proposed to his grandmother, extolling his own virtues compared to the lady’s current husband.  

Robar’s grandsire had taken the boy’s antic with amusement. “We’ll have a pie-eating contest, to help your grandmother decide which man is more deserving of her hand,” Orys declared. They polished off two peach pies between them, grandsire and grandson, and later Argella regretfully broke the news to her grandson that Lord Orys was the clear victor, but she was certain that Robar would make a great husband to a more deserving lady one day.  

The Prince of Dragonstone looked far less amused, when Lord Orys’ litle grandson dropped down on one knee and presented Alyssa with flowers. Robar’s father quickly tried to pull the boy away, apologizing profusely. “He is a silly little boy. It is only a silly game he has been playing, and unfortunately …” here Davos Baratheon paused, flicking his gaze towards his mother and father before laughing nervously and adding in a lower voice, “unfortunately, his grandparents have been encouraging him in it.”    

Aenys was not truly angry or displeased, Alyssa knew. The cold look on his face was a product of uncertainty, not anger or displeasure. He truly did not know how to react to this little boy and his boyish antic. But Alyssa saw that the look of Aenys’ face, combined with  the fact that he was not saying anything in reply to Davos’ apology, was being taken by others around them as a sign of royal displeasure.

Finally, on Alyssa’s discreet prodding, Aenys smiled and said, “Oh, it is a charming little game! I wish I had played it myself when I was a boy.”

The little boy who had resisted being pulled away by his father and was still down on one knee looked severely offended. “It is not a game,” he declared solemnly. Aenys laughed nervously, turning towards Alyssa for help.

Alyssa bent down and accepted the flowers from Robar. “I will accept your gift with pleasure, but I am afraid I cannot accept your hand in marriage, Lord Robar, for I am already wed in the eyes of gods and men.”

The boy giggled. “I am not a lord. My grandfather is.”

“You will be, someday.”


Rather than flying south to find Aegon and Rhaena, Visenya takes Vhagar across the Narrow Sea to Pentos. She tells her son that Aenys has died and encourages him to return to Westeros to seize the Iron Throne.

I really enjoyed the Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox film. Yobi was so adorable! I’d have to say it was pretty decent, except for the romance parts.

(I tried to stick with the film’s style for the most part. It was difficult.)

Valyrian Girls Names
  • Aelora (Princess Aelora the daughter of Prince Rhaegel and Lady Alys Arryn.)
  • Aemma (Queen Aemma wife of King Viserys I Targaryen.)
  • Aerea (Princess Aerea the daughter of Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaena.)
  • Alysanne (Queen Alysanne known as Good Queen Alysanne the queen consort of her brother King Jaehaerys I. Then became popular with many other houses.)
  • Baela (Lady Baela a daughter of Prince Daemon and Lady Laena Velaryon.)
  • Daella (Princess Daella daughter of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and Queen Alysanne Targaryen then mother to Queen Aemma Arryn, Princess Daella Targaryen daughter of King Maekar I)
  • Daena (Princess Daena Targaryen also known as Daena the Defiant daughter of King Aegon III.)
  • Daenaera (Lady Daenaera Velaryon the queen consort of King Aegon III.)
  • Daenerys (Princess Daenerys was the daughter of Aegon IV Targaryen and Naerys, Daenerys Mother of Dragons daughter of the Mad King.)
  • Daenora (Princess Daenora a daughter of Prince Rhaegel and Lady Alys Arryn.)
  • Daenys (Daenys the Dreamer)
  • Elaena (Daughter of Daenys the Dreamer, Princess Elaena Targaryen daughter of Aegon III)
  • Helaena (Queen Helaena Targaryen was the sister-wife to Aegon II)
  • Jaehaera (Princess Jaehaera the daughter of Aegon II and his sister-wife and Queen Helaena.)
  • Jaenara (Jaenara Belaerys a woman from Valyria, who flew her dragon Terrax farther south of Sothoryos than anyone had ever gone before.)
  • Laena (Lady Laena Velaryon was the second wife of Prince Daemon.)
  • Maegelle (Septa Maegelle daughter of King Jaehaerys I and Queen Alysanne .)
  • Naerys (Queen Naerys the sister-wife to King Aegon IV.)
  • Rhae (Princess Rhae daughter of King Maekar I and Lady Dyanna Dayne.)
  • Rhaena (Princess Rhaena eldest daughter and child of King Aenys I also a Black Bride, Lady Rhaena of Pentos daughter of Prince Daemon and Lady Laena Velaryon, Princess Rhaena second daughter of King Aegon III.)
  • Rhaenyra (Princess /Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen and called the Half-Year Queen the first-born child of King Viserys I Targaryen.)
  • Rhaenys (Queen Rhaenys sisterwife to Aegon the Conqueror, Rhaenys daughter of Aemon I also known as the Queen Who Never Was, Princess Rhaenys daughter of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell.)
  • Rhaella (Queen Rhaella Targaryen the sister, wife, and queen of King Aerys II the Mad King.)
  • Rhaelle (Princess Rhaelle daughter of King Aegon V and Queen Betha Blackwood.)
  • Rhalla (Princess Rhalla the daughter of Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaena.)
  • Saera (Princess Saera a daughter of King Jaehaerys I and Queen Alysanne.)
  • Shaena (Princess Shaena Targaryen daughter of King Aerys II and Queen Rhaella.)
  • Shaera (Princess Shaera daughter of King Aegon V and Queen Betha Blackwood.)
  • Valaena (Velaryon, mother to Aegon the Conqueror)
  • Vaella (Princess Vaella youngest child of King Aenys I, Princess Vaella, daughter of Prince Daeron Targaryen and Lady Kiera of Tyrosh)
  • Visenya (Queen Visenya Sisterwife to Aegon the Conqueror, Princess Visenya daughter of Rhaenyra.)
  • Viserra (Princess Viserra daughter of King Jaehaerys I and Queen Alysanne.)

anonymous asked:

Is it plausible that Lord Corlys Velaryon, husband of Princess Rhaenys, was the son of Princess Aerea Targaryen or Princess Rhaena Targaryen? What is his likely relationship to Daemon Velaryon the Admiral for King Maegor?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Maybe, at least with Rhaena (the twins’ were born sometime between 41 and 43 AC, while Corlys was born in 53 AC - almost certainly too young, even by GRRM’s standards, for either one to have had a son). At the time of Corlys’ birth, Princess Rhaena would have been 30 years old, still entirely young enough to have another child. There is also a line in “The Rogue Prince” which indicates that Laenor had “dragon blood on both sides of his lineage”; while this could be a general reference to the heavy intermarriage of Velaryon and Targaryen, or even a reference to that mysterious Targaryen maternal ancestor of Alyssa Velaryon, it could mean that Laenor was even more closely related to the main Targaryen line. Indeed, while counting Princess Rhaena as his grandmother would not have given Laenor a better claim to the throne over Jaehaerys’ line, that ancestry might have added to his dynastic potency, and thus justified his marriage to Princess Rhaenyra (after all, “nine lesser claimants”, with perhaps at least some from female lines, had been first heard and dismissed at the Great Council of 101 AC).

Now, why Rhaena would have married the unnamed Velaryon who fathered Corlys is anyone’s guess. Nothing is known of Rhaena after she fled Maegor and acknowledged Jaehaerys as king, though she was only 25 at the time. Maybe she was wed immediately after fleeing Maegor (as Lord Daemon Velaryon had seemingly left Maegor’s service in the same year. Perhaps Jaehaerys, or even Rhaena herself, was eager to nullify the marriage between Maegor and his half-niece, and decided that if Rhaena were wedded to another husband, Maegor could lay no claim on her. Maybe Jaehaerys wanted to ensure that House Velaryon and its great fleet would stay on his side, and offered Rhaena as a prize, or as a reward for abandoning the Usurper-King. Maybe the Dowager Queen Alyssa encouraged her daughter to marry again among her Velaryon relations. Or maybe Rhaena simply loved this Velaryon, and after two poor experiences in marriage, Jaehaerys let his sister be married to a man of her choosing, to live in peace.

As for Lord Daemon, I think it’s possible if not probable that he was the grandsire Yandel mentions Corlys succeeding when he became Lord of the Tides.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)


ladies of asoiaf [3/?]: Alyssa Velaryon

Alyssa Velaryon was a member of House Velaryon who was married to King Aenys I Targaryen. Alyssa outlived her husband, and became a hostage to her good-brother, King Maegor I Targaryen. She remained a captive on Dragonstone until the death of Queen Visenya, the chaos of which gave her an opportunity to escape with her two youngest still living children. She took the Valyrian sword Dark Sister with her.

Alyssa rallied lords to the claim of her now only living son, Jaehaerys. Upon his coronation in 48 AC, Alyssa became regent.

viva bianca as alyssa velaryon

Aegon and Rhaena are married. Though the act seems perfectly logical to Aenys, it enrages both his smallfolk and the Faith. It is immoral, shameless, and to many it is unforgivable. Even those who’ve always loved the King begin to turn against him and his family.


A request for Visenya and Rhaenys was made. 

This took hours. mostly because I kept redesigning

If Visenya could describe her feelings towards her siblings it would be envy.  Envy towards Aegon for being born a man and towards Rhaenys for being the wife he truly wanted. She loved them, and was loyal towards them, but still she resented them both. Her resentment  boiled over sometimes when Aegon visited her at Rhaenys behest, he had to be scolded by his youngest wife to do his duty to her.

“Did you have to send him to me last night?” Visenya growled while her sister fed the weak Aenys. Yet another reason to resent her lovely sister who managed to produce and heir, not even a fit heir.

“What?” Rhaenys asked looking up from her seat, she seemed tired. The whelp had another crying fit last night and would not take milk from a midwife.

“Last night. You sent him to me. You know I hate it when you do that.”

“I did nothing of the sort.” Rhaenys said with a wave of her hand. The babe finally latched and suckled greedily at his mother.

Visenya frowned, “Well, perhaps he did not want to bother you, what with the babe and all.” Aenys looked up at her with his pale lilac eyes, she held out a finger that he grasped at. That at least made her smile.

“Or perhaps he actually wanted you.” Rhaenys said kissing his forehead.

Visenya scoffed, “Nobody wants me.”

Rhaenys laughed and Visenya resisted the urge to slap her. “You do not see them when you walk into the throne room, stand over a map and debate troop movement, or when you wear that thin tunic with those tight beeches to spar.  If they see you in battle armor they whisper a goddess of war walks beside our husband. Men want you even when you scowl and glower at everyone. Knowing you’re the Queen makes them hunger for you more. Aegon likes that he’s the only one who can rightfully touch you. Everyone wants you.”

“I think you’re confusing me with someone else.” Visenya took a seat at the Cyvasse table and moved the elephant piece. “Besides none of them matter but him, and he’s usually here with you.”

“We have not lain with each other for over three moons, usually he visits to hold me and the babe. Aenys usually wakes us up so I’ve denied him even that. We have a kingdom to run and he can’t be yawning on that monstrosity he calls a throne. Gods forbid he falls.” Rhaenys adjusted her babe reaching for a Cyvasse piece.

“So he visits me out of necessity.” Visenya growled.

“Don’t be like that.” she chastized.

“You don’t understand, neither of you do. You were both always in your little world. Everyone doted on you and don’t think I didn’t know he used to visit your bed before.  I should have been the man, but he took that, I should have been his wife but you took that.” There were hot tears pricking at her eyes and Visenya hated herself for it, still she couldn’t stop herself.  "I’m not even a proper Queen, the people don’t love me like they do you. He doesn’t love me like he does you. You gave him a son.“

Silence permeated the room and all they could hear was the baby suckling.

"You say I have his love, so do you. You also have my love. More importantly you have his respect. He may come to my bed and shower me with kisses, but when the realm troubles him, he goes to you. He listens to you. When you speak everyone becomes mute. When Aegon wants a decision from the heart he comes to me, when he wants a decision from the head he goes to you. Which do you think is more important?”

Visenya stilled and saw her own envy mirrored in her sisters’ eyes. Rhaenys closed her eyes and when they opened her sweet demeanor was returned.“You forget, I didn’t think you would.”

Visenya raised a brow, her tears dried before they fell.

Rhaenys chuckled, not the coy giggle she sported for the court, something true and sad. “We used to visit your bed together, remember, we both followed you around like lost pups after their mother. Until father  got a hold of Aegon and mother got a hold of me. Yet still we went to your bed when lessons where too much and our parents to strict, looking to you for guidance and comfort. You were sweet then, in your way. We found our stride and came to you less, for that I am sorry. But we haven’t stopped looking to you for guidance, and we still love you. We always will.”

Aenys seemed to have dozed off and Rhaenys set him in his crib. “Maybe you’ll give him a sister.”

Visenya did not respond, she’d seen in her candle her greatest pride would come to bear the greatest ruin.