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Hello. I just want to say I'm sorry for that Fat M!A I sent to you that started all this mess.

“Oh. Dear it’s alright. I have had fun in my state. It is quite all right. You did not mean any intentional harm from it and I believe others know that too.“

M!A 10 /10


(( Alright, I was going to answer this privately. However three small but important things made me reconsider it. and i will explain why…

One: This whole M!A started because it started with this blog. During his apology, he explained how this whole thing was begun with him sending the anon M!A to this blog to which I was very content with answering. I did not take this as offensive at all. However after which he went a little far and thus what happened; happened. Thus i felt like to address this with Aldonza publicly would be the best option.

Two: This whole thing was addressed publicly, therefore important showing the positive and negative aspects of what could have happened is the best. Period. I have witnessed firsthand what out of line internet interactions and awkward harassment has done to people and to fan-bases. Guys; it is not pretty. people get hurt whether intentional or not. The fact that it went as far as it did is a godsend because right after the first concerns of this M!A ask was posted from another blog, This user stopped, opened up and apologized. THAT HONESTLY NEVER HAPPENS. That is HUGE. People were talking and expressing their concerns and their viewpoint on this and it was heard and was addressed. This is a community that wants to be in a healthy environment to interact with people and to express. So to be able to witness how everything went down in a manner that didn’t cause an out right freak out with harm being done is a blessing. 

Three: Forgiveness. It stared here and I want it to end here. I know people who had expressed their concerned were very forward about how uncomfortable it was to receive a M!A. However M!A situations like this are not always handled as peacefully as this was. There are people out their who might be getting M!A’s or comments on a daily basis who might not have anyone to address their concerns to. Or worse, are being harassed by the people who they turn to for help and never admit their wrongs or stop. So I just wanted for those to be aware of how serious this could have gone without getting explicit. And also for those who got this M!A from him * … or her, not sure on who the gender this user is since I don’t personally know, so just go with it*  It’s okay, He didn’t mean any harm from it. An apology was publicly made. And if you are dealing with M!A fat related asks that are a bit late. I wouldn’t take offence to that, some people might not have heard of the fiasco that happened. So if all of you are still if’y over this still. Stop. It done. And if not. It should be ended here. Please.

I know this is a whole lot of reading to get through but I felt like this really needed to be addressed even if I am late on it due to time constraints in my life. So I hope you all know where I am coming from when I say to take this as a positive, because this whole thing was dealt with so much better than what I have seen; especially since it is the internet. Bless you all. - mun))

Stupid ass choice

An: Thanks for the request to do this. Don’t be shy to aend a measage or a request. Love ya.

Warnings: panic attacks, abusive relation- ship, cussing.


“Okay, if you guys don’t come and get your coffee right now, be prepared to have it thrown on you.”

As the the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes came rushing to her, as she handed them out to everyone. She finally sat down, to work on the schedules for everyone for next couple days. It was a lot of hard work to be The Avenger’s assistant, but Y/N loved doing it. It made her feel like she made at least a small difference in the world. There have been a couple times where Hydra still tried to sneak agents to get to the heroes.

And every possible partner the Avengers have must pass the Y/N exam. Sam and Bucky made bets on who would leave the room crying. But as time wore on they saw that the young woman who they all considered a little sister seemed to be getting tired more often and on edge more than normal.

As the day went passed and it was time to go home for Y/N, the beating of her heart got faster, shortness of breath came, and the crying happened. It wasn’t till twenty minutes later she was out the door. Friday called Tony from his lab, “Mr. Stark, Y/N has had a panic attack again. I think she might need medical help.”

“What do you mean by again?”

“Sir, she has been haveing them at least every couple of days in a week. It isn’t healthy for her body or mind for that to happen.”

“Well no shit, why am I just now getting to know this?”

“She has had ordered me not to tell.”

Tony then set off to work to find what is causing someone he considers family to go through this so often. After a couple of minutes, he was racing to get the team. All that showed on the screen was a picture of Y/N’s soon to be ex-boyfriend, Josh Prince, was going to have the wrath of the avengers on him.

“What do you think you are doing? Why haven’t you have dinner ready? Or have the house clean?”

Josh yelled as he pushed Y/N against the wall, she tried to explain her self, “I had to go to-…”

“Don’t make excuses you piece of trash.” As he then hit her. The tears then to break the gates that was holding them back. Then the sound of breaking wood could be heard as Fury, and the team was behind him. The next events seemed to go in slow motion as the Director of Sheild had the man punched in the face.

“What are you guys doing here?”

“We are here, to help you get your things and come back to the tower because this man is going to jail.”

As Bucky and Wanda helped her up to go get ready to leave. The rest of her team then got to hit the guy at least once. And then helped Y/N get her things to the car.

It was Nat and Fury left to deal with the low level scum, “The next time you come even a mile within Y/N you better be running for your life. She is family to all of us, she is protected. Cause you made a stupid ass choice to do that too her.”

“Its her fault. It just asked her to do a couple of things, but she never listens. I’ll Get her.”

Fury the shook his head and went to get a spoon and a cup of water, to start his punishment.


And as all of the members of the team then to make sure all her partners could pass their test.

listen here u guys i know we;;; re boorin now aend it;;;s ALL my fault ie just w anted to have a fun time on this blog with my boyfrrriend and friends but no it goes all wrrong all wrong wrong wrong im not funny im just annoyin i hate u all i jussst wanna smoke weed eveuryday and avoid my life

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Hey can we talk for just a second about how evil nintendo was for having the Callie vs Marie splatfest without telling us we were deciding the future of who would be in Splatoon 2????? It’s our fault Callie is gone we fucking killed her

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your account sucks!! I hate it !!!!! Just DELETE already!!!! FAKE FAN!!!! Smh !!!!!

Maybe i fucking will. What are you gonna do, start an account specifically to aend me hate, appropriately called “ih8nikk”??

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