(Ohgay, sorry I did not post these earlier ‘cause my screen was not working and all this shit yaddayaddayadda…)

Glowie came up with this idea, that we should do a fanart-night, where we both draw one character chosen by us in 20minutes (15 was too short, she said…). So, we did one. Left side, by me, right side, Glowie. I think she’s cheating when she is doing sketches .I Like, those are clean works already damn it! Well at least one of us did quality art… I was like “5min! READY! NEXT. Glowie, u still working the previous one??111” Eh.

Aemelis belongs to Wempu, Zikon to Zinny and Pirkka (and Es) to Daishi

there goes the first commission! this one’s for Wempuli. thanks for your support!

i wasn’t supposed to put a background there and this was an accident i swear otl
i’m sure Wempuli doesn’t mind but this might be a bit unfair for the other commissioners? oh well what’s done is done
had to force myself to leave it when i realized that so it’s a bit unfinished

but overall this was really fun to make and i guess i learned a lot of things, like how wings actually work haha

yup so aemelis is © Wempuli

btw i’m still taking these so if 5€ for a piece like this sounds good to your wallet, go read the info in [link] !


Been after an air/fuel meter for quite sometime now. I placed an order for the Blitz one but it ended up being sold out and discontinued. I refused to run the AEM because I am loyal to my brands (brand slave) so I went with this Tomei unit which I was able to find still in the box after all these years (amazing)