aelita and jeremie


some aged-up designs for the code lyoko kids!

i’d think odd would slow down on the hair wax at some point in his life….?  and william would probably give up on his edgy emo haircut at some point too….

now redrawn and colored digitally here!

  • Jeremie: If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.
  • Ulrich: What if it bites me and it dies?
  • Jeremie: That means you’re poisonous.
  • Yumi: What if it bites itself and I die?
  • Jeremie: That’s voodoo.
  • Aelita: What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Jeremie: That’s correlation, not causation.
  • William: What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Odd: That’s kinky.
This Scene...

I feel like we don’t always give Code Lyoko enough credit. We spend so much time laughing at the big foreheads, we forget to mention the more awesome bits.

These are children. Children who fear their friend is dead. But, like Jeremie, they keep working on. 

They don’t scream or make a fuss. They cry, but not loudly.

They have no one to turn to.

They’re alone in all of this.

And they were going to go to class the next day. They were going to lie to the teachers, tell them Ulrich had disappeared or was sick; knowing he was probably dead, knowing they were in just as much danger, knowing they could go just like he did; just poof! and gone.

Staring their own morality- and the death of their friend- in the face, they mourn, and they move on.


Time to post the things i did of Code Lyoko, these are from weeks ago omg I was bored and I did some bookmarks oh yeah and on the other side there i wrote the theme song because i’m trash. And of course they are plasticised. Stay up to see more of my drawings if you like them
I have to say a thing…i’m really sad and angry right now because of a stupid error that the agency that organized a travel in South africa that me and my mom had to do…when we were at the airport there wasn’t a document so we had to return home…i’m angry with the agency because they didn’t say to us to do that document, all the people of our group were angry. We want our money back (more than 3000 euros) and if our money won’t come back they will try my rage

An Odd Appreciation (Why Odd is my favorite character and my analysis of Oddlita)

Warning: Brace yourself.

I hate that the writers played up Odd’s stupidity as the series progressed because I eventually couldn’t see past the annoying meathead that he’d become by the end of the series; by the time the series finale rolled around, I had completely forgotten why I’d even liked Odd, even considered him my favorite character in the show, in the first place. Alas, after rewatching the series for the millionth time, I was finally able to see bits and pieces of the character I had once loved, from the beginning to the end, and I fell in love with him all over again.

It wasn’t the fun, carefree, creative, artistic, sarcastic, comedic personality that drew me to this character; no, what did me in was seeing how caring and supportive a person he could be despite the exaggerated attempts made by the writers to portray him as a insensitive, selfish jerk. 

Do you remember how Odd had tried to comfort Milly in “Teddygodzilla” when she was upset over losing her teddy bear? 

Or how he had encouraged Milly and Tamiya to stay positive when they were trapped inside their collapsing dormitory in “D'un cheveu”?

How could someone not flip for a boy who was so caring and supportive, especially to those much who were younger than him?

The relationship Odd had with Milly in season one brought out his protective, mature side, which was a nice contrast to the reckless, immature side he showed with his friends. I think it’s a real shame that the writers dropped this older brother/younger sister dynamic between Odd and Milly in the following seasons, but abandoning this budding relationship allowed them to focus on Odd’s relationships with other characters in the show.

Of all the relationships Odd had, none grew stronger than the one he had with Aelita. 

To be honest, I was never really sure what direction the writers were taking with Odd and Aelita’s relationship. Undoubtedly, they were great friends, but there were times when I’d scratch my head, confused, and wonder if there were romantic undertones to their relationship.

The first indication of any romantic interest from either party was introduced in “Saint Valentin”. As you may recall, Aelita assumed that a necklace that had been dropped off outside of her dorm room door was Jeremie’s Valentine’s Day gift to her. You may also recall, the necklace wasn’t actually from Jeremie, but he, Odd, and Ulrich played along pretending it was from Jeremie so as not to disappoint Aelita. Jeremie, however, suspected he had a rival for Aelita’s affections within his group of friends.

Jeremie’s jealously caused some friction between him and Ulrich and Odd. Although Jeremie had first suspected Ulrich to be Aelita’s mystery Valentine, Ulrich quickly brushed off the accusations, which led Jeremie to suspicion on Odd. 

Jeremie: Odd! Le collier… c’est pas toi quand même ?
Odd: Je te rappelle qu’Aélita est censée être ma cousine…
Jeremie: Oui… sauf qu’en vrai, c’est PAS ta cousine!
Odd: Et même si c’était moi…? Aélita n’est pas ta propriété que je sache…
Odd: J’avoue rien du tout…

English translation:

Jeremie: Odd! The necklace… it wasn’t you, was it?
Odd: I’ll remind you that Aelita is supposed to be my cousin…
Jeremie: Yes, except that is not true, she isn’t your cousin!
Odd: And if it was me? Aelita isn’t your property, as far as I know…
Odd: I admit nothing…

Unlike Ulrich, Odd did not to flat out deny that he’d given Aelita the necklace, which only further proved Jeremie’s suspicions. An argument between the two boys ensued and escalated to the point where they were screaming at each other in the middle of class. As you could imagine, their teacher was none too pleased with the disruption and sent both boys to the Principal’s office.

Although Odd suggested they forget that the argument they had in class had even happened by offering a truce, Jeremie goaded him for a straight answer to his earlier question.

Odd: Bon… on fait la paix ou quoi?
Jeremie: C’est toi qui lui as offert ce collier, oui ou non?
Odd: OK. On fait pas la paix.

English translation:

Odd: Well, truce or what?
Jeremie: It was you who gave her the necklace, yes or no?
Odd: OK. No truce.

Once again, Odd avoided giving Jeremie a straight answer. 

Had Odd responded truthfully with a “no”, his answer would have dissolved the tension between him and Jeremie; Aelita would have continued to happily believe that Jeremie had given her the gift, and if Odd did harbor feelings for the pinkette, he would have had to think of some other way to show his interest in her. 

Had he responded falsely with a “yes”, Jeremie would have been furious with his friend making a move on the girl he liked; Aelita would have continued to happily believe that Jeremie had given the gift unless someone asked Jeremie again if he had given the gift to Aelita, in which case he couldn’t get away with lying about the identity of the gift giver in Odd’s presence knowing that he himself hadn’t actually given the necklace to Aelita and Odd having confirmed to him he had given the necklace to his supposed cousin (even if it wasn’t true).  

Odd’s refusal to deny Jeremie’s allegations was almost as effective as his answering “yes” since Jeremie more or less believed it was Odd who had given the necklace to Aelita. As a result, Odd became a romantic rival to Jeremie without having to lie to either Jeremie or Aelita.

From an alternative perspective, in which Odd had no interest in Aelita, Odd’s refusal to deny Jeremie’s allegations was his way of teaching Jeremie to not treat people as objects. In addition to showing us how awesome a friend he was to Jeremie for serving the young genius a valuable lesson, Odd also showed us how awesome a friend he was to Aelita by protecting her from Jeremie’s objectification of her person.

Fortunately, Odd and Jeremie later agreed to bury the hatchet when Aelita needed the former’s help on Lyoko.

Odd: Alors… on ne peut pas se passer de moi! Tu vas pas m’en vouloir si je sauve Aélita? 
Ulrich: Odd!
Jeremie: Non, laisse Ulrich. Il a raison. J’ai été ridicule…
Odd: Je t’en veux pas, Jérémie… Je comprends…et puis, je suis tellement charmant… c’est normal qu’on soit jaloux de moi!

English translation:

Odd: So… you can’t do without me? You’re not going to be mad at me if I save Aelita?
Ulrich: Odd!
Jeremie: No, let him Ulrich. He is right. I was being ridiculous.
Odd: It’s okay, Jeremie… I understand… and plus, I am so charming… it’s only natural to be jealous of me!

Jeremie realized that Aelita’s necklace wasn’t a present from Odd but was, in fact, a brainwashing device delivered to her by XANA. Instead of giving Jeremie a hard time for throwing a hissy fit and acting like such a… well…, Odd playfully jested with Jeremie in good humor.

Odd and Aelita’s relationship continued to evolve in season 3, as evident in “Aelita”. During lunch, Odd and Ulrich bared witness to an argument between Jeremie and Aelita, in which Jeremie unintentionally suggested they not waste time looking for Franz Hopper, causing Aelita to storm off upset over Jeremie’s insensitivity. Believing Aelita needed to be comforted, Odd went looking for her.

Odd knew where exactly he would find her. Although he wanted to offer her his shoulder to cry on and assure her that she had a right to be upset at Jeremie with his comment that the other boy could sometimes be inconsiderate of other’s feelings, he also tried to defend Jeremie by reminding Aelita that the other boy liked her and cared about her, to which Aelita replied that she knew about Jeremie’s feelings for her and that she reciprocated his feelings. 

Odd would do anything to cheer Aelita up, which was exactly why he complied with her request for him to go with her to Sector 5, despite knowing Jeremie would be upset with them for challenging his earlier objection to Aelita’s request to go looking for her father. Furthermore, even after Jeremie caught them red handed and demanded that they leave Sector 5 to help Ulrich and Yumi on Lyoko, Odd didn’t follow Jeremie’s instructions. Instead, he asked Aelita what they should do (whether they should stay in Sector 5 to look for Franz Hopper or help Ulrich and Yumi on Lyoko), when he knew what the right thing to do was. He needed to know that she was okay with abandoning their mission, the one he agreed to take on for her sake.

Thus far, the writers established Odd a great friend to Aelita with the possibility of him having feelings for her, however it seemed completely impossible for Aelita to return those feelings (if they existed) because Aelita had canon feelings for no one but Jeremie, that was until “Replika”.

I would have included a screenshot from “Replika” here, but I don’t feel like editing any more images. Hell, I wasn’t even going to mention “Replika”, but whatever,

“Replika”, in which Aelita shared her first onscreen mouth-on-mouth kiss with none other than Odd, was, perhaps, the only episode that yielded any indication that Aelita might have liked Odd.

The kiss was done purely out of necessity to get Nicholas and Herve, who followed Odd and Aelita to the factory, to leave them and Jeremie, Yumi, and Ulrich alone. While the kiss was not a declaration of love brought on by the desire to take their relationship to the next level or the possibility of never having another opportunity to confess their feelings for one another, we are left to wonder whether it was Odd or Aelita who suggested the idea of kissing each other; Odd had brainstormed a plan to get their classmates off their tails, a plan that Aelita refused to go along with as she had come up with a better plan. Was it originally in Odd’s plan for them to kiss or did Aelita improve his plan by including the kiss? Either way, one of them had come up with the idea to kiss, and I found this incredibly scandalous.

We can speculate the symbolism of the scene from “Contre-attaque” in which Aelita collapsed from the emotional exhaustion caused by her father’s death into Jeremie’s arms (despite Odd also holding out his arms to catch her)…

But when Aelita began to cry, it didn’t matter if Odd’s feelings for her were familial, platonic, or romantic in nature.

He wasn’t crying because Franz Hopper had died. He didn’t even know the man. He knew her. He understood her. He felt for her. He cried for her.

Given their strong friendship, I don’t think it would have been a stretch for them to end up together if Jerlita didn’t pan out. If Odd had, in fact, had feelings for Aelita, it makes me love him even more knowing that his jealousy didn’t prevent him from being a caring and supportive friend to both Aelita and Jeremie.