I’m not ready for Throne of Glass to end.

I’m not ready to see the Assassin setting down her knives and putting on a crown.

I’m not ready to see the sweet Prince facing the hardness of being king.

I’m not ready for the Captain becoming Lord again.

I’m not ready for the Fae Warrior to say farewell to war.

I’m not ready for the Shapeshifter to settle in her final form.

I’m not ready for the General to set his men free after so much bloodshed.

I’m not ready for the blessed, peasant girl to become leader of the majestic tower of life.

I’m not ready for the Arrow to hang her bow and go back to her golden land.

I’m not ready for the Wing Leader to take off her leathers and unite her people in their freed territory.

I’m not ready, not because I don’t want them to be happy, but because I don’t want to see their stories coming to an end.

I don’t want to say goodbye.

I keep seeing tweets like “okay so america is a dystopian novel now wheres the 16 year old girl to save us” and other condescending shit like that and i just….

where are the girls who are saving us you ask?

oh i don’t know, they are at the Oceti Sakowin camp fighting for the right to clean water and treaty rights. They are protecting their land and water against heavily militarized police forces.

They are and have been at many Black Lives Matter protests. Girls have fought against police brutality in black communities. Women, in fact, are among the top leaders of that movement.

They are the muslim girls who continue to fearlessly wear their hijabs in public despite rampant islamophobia.

And there were plenty of teenage girls at the women’s marches across the country. 

So while a single Katniss Everdeen figure has yet to emerge, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist. Because young women are protesting every day. They are the Katnisses and the Laia of Serras and the Aelins and the Mare Barrows and the Nehemia Ytgers and the Lihn Cinders that you’ve all read about. These girls exist. 

Realize that the fallacy of most dystopians, and many books, is that they often presents a single cohesive narrative of revolt and change. And in our huge, wide world, that is not how change works. But the books themselves are not incorrect in assuming that young women will be the arbiters of change. They are spot fucking on. 

If you hate Aelin Galathynius for being a sarcastic “bitch” who uses her sharp tongue and wit to hide her endless inner turmoil and pain but love characters like Jace Herondale, Will Herondale, Aaron Warner, Ronan Lynch and basically any other Tortured But Sarcastic Bad Boy™ then I am sorry to tell you but your hypocrisy and internalized misogyny are showing. 

What I want in the ACOTAR teaser trailer:

*quick shots of feyre drawing her bow

Close up of her eyes with the arrow drawn.

Close up of the wolf’s oddly humane eyes.

Screen goes blac as you hear the deafening sound of an arrow being released.

*voice over*

“You owe me a debt.”

Feyre and her family in their cottage looking at something behind the camera.

Another close up of Tamlins beast form and maybe a shadow looming over them.

Screen goes black again.

“What kind of debt?” Fear coats her every word.

Shots throughout the movie that leave you on the edge of your seat.

Violet eyes looking up.

Naga bounding for her.

Shots of a shirtless Tamlin with his mask.

And maybe Lucien.

Red lips curving into a wicked grin as a haunting laugh echoes through the chamber.

And a split second shot of feyre suspended in the air by amarantha, screaming.

“A life debt.” Said with such conviction as Tamlins face turns to look at Feyre behind the camera.

And of course with edge of your seat music accentuating the urgentnessand mystery and danger of the Fey world.

Sarah J Maas Interview–

The Southern Continent is set more in a Mongolian style/feel. She said that’s where she got a lot of inspiration from.

Yrene is one her most favorite characters to write about.

Aelin & Lysandra are Night Court.

Rowan- Winter, then Night Court.

Dorian- Dawn Court.

Manon & Lorcan- Hyburn. (She joked that Manon was from the ‘Killer Court.’)

Aedion- Day Court.

She was president of her high school’s Lord of the Rings fanclub. Still has a lifesize cutout of Legolas in her office– which her husband made a tie noose and placed around Legolas’s neck when she first brought it home.

Her father is doing better, and is even planning on coming to one her stops in the next few weeks.

–There will be three novels and two novellas in the ACOTAR world.

-She pitched the extra ACOTAR books/novellas after she got drunk with her Editor. Hadn’t originally planned on telling anyone for a while- not even her husband. They were more for fun and written in her off time.

-You will see Feyre & Rhysand get married in the first novella. The setting is around Winter Solstice, and Feyre is content for her birthday to be forgotten, but the inner circle is not having that.

-We may “possibly” be getting the wall scene.

-There’s a good chance that one of the narrators/characters in the novella will be the focus of her next ACOTAR novel.

-We will most likely find out who Cassian saw the Bone Carver as in one of the novels.

She doesn’t know when the second novella will come out, but she’s already working on the next two novels.

-Each novel will have a love interest- or basically getting two characters together. And will be set after the war, and rebuilding and the effects of the wall being taken down.

-She hasn’t started the third novel, but has five possible 'ships’ she could choose from.