aele plays ffxiv

At the start of the garo event:

My friend: Come pvp with me

Me: I want the gear, I’ve never pvped before in my life, how can I possibly kill a character that has a player behind the screen? That’s really mean!


Me: it doesn’t matter if we win or lose. MURDERING PEOPLE IS THE FUN PART.

My friend: I have created a monster


Honestly, despite the setbacks, I’ve been having a pretty good time. (lucky me, I know) I had fun unlocking redm/sam, hanging out with people, exploring, and laughing about how much armor I could float in. (Character keeps themselves afloat by sheer force of willpower alone). I love the new areas, the atmospherics are great and the scenery is visually pleasing to me! (not posting any pics until the 20th tho! it’s hard ahaahhaa)

I geared up my alt who has been sitting at i190 for like… forever…. enough to finish the heavensward msq simply by buying cheap vendor gear! Also they added the 60 af to the job quests so I can go mop up all my level 60 job quests with impunity. I’m pretty happy about both those things. I also got a pretty cool hat for my monk, which I love, look at it,

I got caught by cold steel, but the other branch of the msq was long enough to keep me busy for a while and I still have a bunch of sidequests. Once I get done with the sidequests, maybe I’ll start to get annoyed…?  

I know the current situation is unacceptable, what with people getting locked out and all, so I count myself pretty lucky tbh.

I was fortunate enough to stumble on the foxy lady fate just as it was beginning today! I was flying around exploring and saw some weird npcs on the ground and descended to investigate…. I feel blessed. I think I should try the cactpot.

(Sadly I was too busy being like “IS IT REALLY? AAAA” to remember to take screenshots of the npcs themselves…)


So I’m out in the churning mists, doing moogle quests, chilling and having a great time looking at this scenery, which I honestly never really looked at before somehow (I never took time to slow down and notice how great the scenery in this zone is like omg) and the sun starts to rise so I turn my camera around to gaze at the dawn and when I angle it north, I see this.

Omg…. the only time I’ve seen the void ark drifting before is in sea of clouds, far in the distance. That I should see it this clearly, by total chance… I feel blessed lol


I’m is ready to save ala mhigo! And maybe some doma into the bargain.

Have good luck with patch downtime day!

Everyone else seems to have taken the last day for memories and very meaningful reflection… What was I doing? Murdering people in pvp…


Feran and his unending quest to poke every glowey crystal in Eorzea (I wasn’t kidding, he is super fascinated with them, pretty much flipped out the first time he found one he could reach)

And then he got to Mor Dhona, which is like one big crystal

and he tried anyway

then the researcher dude is like “do not handle corrupted crystals!” and he’s just sitting there all “well in that case I’m already doomed”