aele plays ffxiv

At the start of the garo event:

My friend: Come pvp with me

Me: I want the gear, I’ve never pvped before in my life, how can I possibly kill a character that has a player behind the screen? That’s really mean!


Me: it doesn’t matter if we win or lose. MURDERING PEOPLE IS THE FUN PART.

My friend: I have created a monster


Feran and his unending quest to poke every glowey crystal in Eorzea (I wasn’t kidding, he is super fascinated with them, pretty much flipped out the first time he found one he could reach)

And then he got to Mor Dhona, which is like one big crystal

and he tried anyway

then the researcher dude is like “do not handle corrupted crystals!” and he’s just sitting there all “well in that case I’m already doomed”