aek 971

In hindsight the most frustrating thing about Battlefield 4 wound up being “if you’re not using a super high ROF assault rifle, get fucked.”

So basically, AEK-971s 24/7.

“Oh but you have to tap for long range” yes and via tapping you still do more DPS than anyone else. I remember someone trying to argue with me about this and say “oh I’ll go FAMAS we’ll see then”

ok yes to disprove my point you switched from an ultra high ROF assault rifle to a different ultra high ROF assault rifle. Well done.

And I find that incredibly boring. If you give someone the ultimate weapon that can melt faces point-blank and drive tacks at long range with ease, you’ve wrecked the balance of the game and rendered most of the other weapons completely superfluous. It’s frustrating because it’s not bad enough to be broken since these weapons are available to most players (especially when “the meta” gets this stagnant) but the variety is gone. I’d like to try out other guns I haven’t used in awhile and still find them viable, y’know? I’d also like other players to surprise me with something new, instead of “yep AEK spray around the corner again.”