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when's the last time you cried and why did you?

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sungkyung would be lying if she said she didn’t cry in frustration at least once a day ( okay, a slight exaggeration but she basically wants to cry every time aejung does ). however, the last time she really cried? “probably a few months ago when i told joohyuk for the first time that he was aejung’s father. when the truth came spilling out, i was so nervous he would never speak to me again. i thought things were just easier if he didn’t know. after all, he played as much of an important role in aejung’s life even when he didn’t know the truth. seeing his frustration that i had lied to him … that disappointment on his face just made the waterworks start.” she sighs softly. “i think it was in that moment that i realized i couldn’t imagine a life without him. i didn’t understand love, but i was in love.”