“Though my life bathed in guilt and sin, she had never once gave up on me. Despite of all the affliction I had caused her, still, she had not once let go of my hand. To me, she was an angel, a saviour, my hero.”

This is an entry for MM Photo Contest with the theme of ‘Bayani/Hero’.

My wrist hurt doing all that stainedglass cutting but so much worth it that it had served it’s purpose. HAHA

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Before and after of Aeirenov’s faceup. :)

Kiel and I were fascinated to see the details of his sculpt when we were wiping his old faceup off. It was heartbreaking though, thinking we’re wiping off $$, rofl. But we thought of chaging it to be more– Aeirenov-sque with thinner lips, eyebags, simply making him look like he’s mentally and physically sick, LOL , and we want his stare to be sensual and inviting like how Aeirenov should be. Dunno if it was conveyed, though. |D;; We like how it turned out anyway. :)

Faceup done by me.

I haven’t played with my babies for a while 😭😢 bec of RL things keeping me busy and #Aeirenov ’s away for some modelling at Ate Kachan’s so here’s our mademoiselle #Salene saying hello. Excited for #ManikaManila Tiangge!

And wow IG updates instant Photoshop effects and editig 😂😂😁✨
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During the Manika Manila Pool Party last May 18 , 2013

Only Aeirenov and Diva have more decent pictures. Salene’s with Zita and Diva were blurry Y.Y because the sun was already gone when we took their photos together.

It was nice finally getting to know people of Manika Manila ^u^ Looking forward to future meets~ It was really fun!

- Tabris

Diva belongs to Nix

Zita belongs to Kyra

Defiance by HermetismeDetre

Defiance: Just one of the words that could be incorporated with Aeirenov.
He was a descendant with free will—-a mortal who cannot hear the voices of metabeings just like his father, thus unknowingly played the part of the person defying the grand scheme motioned by the Gods during his first life. As such, he wasn’t gifted with any kind of terrestrial or mortal magic.

His defiant nature never changed in his every reincarnation, up until to his present one
when things such as these Gods and Magic were nothing more but myths and tales.

Gave him a new faceup since the nose part got severely chipped.