Just made my first purchase from Accidentally Extraordinary–their remarkable wood & steel headphones–just in the nick of time for Christmas.

I wrote them, worried about receiving the item in time. They answered in half an hour and, thanks to their bending over backwards, my worries about delivery are over.

I can safely say that their extraordinariness is not entirely accidental.

—  Will Leben on his 51st Studios

I was in Long Beach airport yesterday flying back to SF. The flight was delayed so I had some good hang time. As I sat in the bar, with my headphones around my neck, I noticed person after person kinda staring at me. I wish I could say it was my dashing good looks but I know that ain’t true! I realized it must be the headphones.

Later, on the plane, I had the flight attendant come up and ask me who made my headphones. I launched into quite the sales pitch. He actually said that I was totally distracting him during his safety demonstration because he couldn’t take his eyes off the headphones!!! He also said he assumed they would be $300 or $400! He wrote the name of the company down and shared it with the other flight attendants who were also gawking at my cans.

—  Peter Judd of HUB Strategy

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