Jin and Suga probably
  • Jin: don't you love how it's so easy and simple to be cute? You can literally be holding something with one hand and all you have to do is hold it with 2 hands and BAM you're cute.
  • Suga: I hold things with 2 hands. It's called strangling.
that time yoongi went to his grandma’s house and had the time of his life :’^)

SUGA 150105

안녕하세여 슈간데여 할머니집왔는데 다행이 핸드폰은 터집니다 전기장판깔고 자니까 허니슬립함

Hello, this is Suga. I came to my grandma’s house, thankfully my phone still works (still has service). Because I slept with the electric mat, I had a honey sleep.

SUGA 150105

이정도면 귀양살이 급이라고 생각합니다 편의점갈려면 차타고 삼십분 나가야한데요 껄껄껄

If it’s going to be like this, I think it’s almost the same thing as being exiled. They said it takes thirty minutes by car to go to the convenience store ggul ggul ggul

SUGA 150105

다음엔 숲속에서 살아남기 책을 가져와야겠다 아빠 말로는 청송 산길을 걸어다녔다고 하는대여… 까딱하면 길잃겠슙…

Next time, I should bring a book on how to live in the mountains. Dad said that he came back from walking on the green pine tree trail…If I’m careless, I could get lost…

all trans credit: thejoonmoon

He’s incredibly handsome. I don’t know how can he be this sexy tbfh , he’s killing me .. but thanks for blessing us with your selcas min yoongi 💖💖 ..