• Choi Minho of SHINee
  • SW2 in Seoul Concert DVD

M: “If everyone’s quiet, I go BBUING BBUING!

     If everyone’s screaming I go BBUING BBUING!

     I’ll always go BBUING BBUING!”

T: “During debut Minho never would’ve done this but recently he likes to-”


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Hoseok as Pikachu

And now it is time for our angel, our hope, a total cutie with su ch kissable cheeks like the fuck who allowed this adorable man to walk around with such cute cheeks that you kinda just wanna kiss all day long especially bc he’d be all giggly and happy, Jung Hoseok aka J-hope aka hobi

  • Okay so this is such a head canon rn like I have so many reasons for this
  • The first one has to be that Pikachu is adorable and makes everyone so happy
  • Like have you ever seen hobi he is the king of aegyo he’s unashamed about it, he’ll break out his aegyo whenever he needs to and it’s honestly so cute like he’ll just be talking and then all of the sudden it’s aegyo everywhere like friendly reminder this is the same guy that fucking owns any stage he steps onto with such confidence and has all the smirks to go along with it
  • On that same note, Pikachu is pretty damn powerful
  • When hobi starts dancing or rapping, he just screams “power” like the confidence, the moves he does, that look he gets in his eyes, it’s just his domain and he just seems to be so comfortable up there and it’s his true passion I could go on and on here
  • Pikachu has its moment of fear
  • We all know that hobi has a few fears, we’ve seen how he gets with snakes that’s like iconic tbh those clips just don’t get old
  • But Pikachu also overcomes those fears and is actually really really brave
  • Hobi is actually really really brave bc a lot of people with a fear of snakes wouldn’t even go near one let alone let someone put it over their shoulders
  • Even if he’s afraid of doing something, he pushes himself and does it and he’s just really really brave like he tries new things I can only imagine how nerve wracking it must be to put out a solo song like that takes some guts to even think about doing (I’m still not over his song it’s so fuckING LIT)
  • Pikachu loves its friends and actually seems to be pretty social
  • Hobi is not exactly “shy” like this is the kid that does girl group dances (and fucking crushes it might I add) and just gives the camera a super serious look and he’s just afraid to be a goofball if it gets his friends to laugh
  • Pikachu is smol and cuddly and kissable and it has some of the most kissable cheeks and as I mentioned earlier, hobi’s cheeks are practically begging for kisses
  • I just really really need this