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To be a Virgin

To most Agressive to Most Loving in bed

To have the dirtiest mouth

My  Savior ~ Jimin

How BTS hugs


Trip to the Beach 
The Different types of Army’s 
The Two boys you both like you and want to be with you (ZODIAC) 
Sings as BTS members 
BTS Signs compatibility 
Dating J-Hope 
Dating Jimin 
Dating Namjoon 

You having an accident
BTS as your first Kiss (Jin, Jimin, Yoongi)
You Dying your hair too much
Them being busy and ther GF surpsrising them (Jin, Hoseok, Namjoon) SMUT 
Their GF being scare of thunders and Lighnings 
Their Kids on “EatJin” 
Their GF playing with his hands 
You wearing their clothes
Their crush using aegyo 

When their child says a bad word

Your first time with them

You dancing Bachata Music

Another Idol saying BTS GF is their ideal type

First Date BTS (Outfit)

When he sees you in an Award Ceremony

How BTS Hugs-Cuddles

Walking in on their little sister and another member

You at their concert and you guys haven’t seen each other 

Finding out that you have cancer

Their Brother/Sister dancing to their songs

Accidently Confessing

Their Idol GF being insecure

You having Period

You being Needy in an Award Show

Going to a Club with them


Meet BTS (PT.1) (PT.2) (PT.3(PT.4)

That Night (Pt.1

The Best Day Of My Life (PT.1)


BTS on their Wedding (Namjoon) SMUT

BTS on their Wedding (Hoseok) SMUT

BTS on their Wedding (Yoongi) SMUT

BTS on their Wedding (Jin) SMUT

BTS on their Wedding (Jungkook) SMUT

BTS on their Wedding (Taehyung) SMUT

 BTS on their Wedding (Jimin) SMUT *coming soon*

Namjoon, Hoseok DOMINANT 

Who would they fall for

Kind of Girl

VideoGame *Jungkook* PT1.

Married to Jungkook


Most likely to date a PolyGlot

Most Likely to date Leo (Sun)

To Date a Pastry Chef

Most Likely to date Leo

To survive in an apocalypse

Most Likely to date Scorpio

To Date a Foreigner

To fall in love at firt Sight

To have a Long Distance Relashion Ship

To Date a Japanese Fan

To Date a Fan

To be In A RelashionShip Right Now

To date a Foreigner that speaks Korean

To have a BIG (+18

To Date a foreigner 2 

To Date Piscis Sun

To be Overprotective/Jealous


We don’t talk anymore (JIMIN)

First Date with Jin

BTS as Ouran High Host Club



You flashing in their Concert 



You clinging in their Arms

Accidently confessing

When their Crush is bored

Sunyoul reaction


To Date a Vegetarian

Date a Foreigner



Date a Fan



Date a Foreigner

Date a Pastry Face


Them walking in on you doing yoga

Kaisoo fucking all of us up today with Jongin choosing Kyungsoo for

1. Being the most cutest or spoiled child with aegyo
2. Person he wants to spend vacay with
3. Person he wants to switch with for a day




Guys can we plz take a moment and appreciate this??

An IQ of 148 and doesn’t know how to wear an apron😂😂😂

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{Reaction} When EXO's girlfriend has a child from a previous relationship

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Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by ohyaahkkaebsong

Even though Chanyeol wasn’t the father of your child, he’d take the role on as soon as he found out you had a child from a previous relationship. He understands how hard it must be for you, and therefore dedicates himself to you and the child without a single hesitation. He’d be good to you, helping you out whenever he could, and would always be there for the child. A smile would always be brought to his face when the child calls him ‘Appa’ even though he technically isn’t.

Chanyeol: “Should your child really be calling me Appa?”

{y/n}: “Well, the real one isn’t in the picture so I don’t see why not. But if it makes you uncomfortable then-”

Chanyeol: “No way! I’m not uncomfortable! I just wanted to make sure it was okay with you.” *The grin on his face can’t be taken away.*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by dodyo

Kyungsoo was rather surprised when he found out that you had a child from a previous relationship considering how young you were. But he didn’t hold it against you or be put off. If anything it made him even more protective of you and the child. He would do everything he possibly can to provide for you both even though he’s very busy.

{y/n}: “You don’t have to do this, Kyungsoo.” *Watching as Kyungsoo gives your child a plush he brought on the way home from work*

Kyungsoo: *Stands up and walks over, pulling you into a hug.* “I know I don’t have to, but I want to. Because I love both of you.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by exoturnback

Baekhyun was actually rather happy when you told him about the child {maybe not so much when you opened up about the Father of that child.} He would support you as much as humanly possible and would do everything he could to ensure that he wasn’t like your last boyfriend and that he would never leave you. He’d be really excited for being with the child too, taking them to the park and playing games with them.

Baekhyun: “Nope, you’re staying here. Put your feet up and relax, {y/n}. I’m taking {child} to the park. Use this time for a bit of you time. You never stop working, so here’s your chance okay? We’ll be back in two hours”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by perfectioninthreeletters

Sehun wouldn’t know what to do at first. He was skeptical of the idea, and wouldn’t know how to react. He asked for a lot of advice from his Hyungs of EXO. {“I don’t know what to do, Kai. How am I supposed to help look after a child when I’m a child myself!”} But after the initial shock, he would come around and would prove to be very helpful and sweet, with you and the child.

Sehun: *Doing aegyo with the child*

{y/n}: *Walks in* “Are you doing aegyo?”

Sehun: *Stops instantly* “What? No! I don’t know what you’re talking about!” *Pouting*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by laygion

Yixing is going to be very sweet when it comes to you and the child. He knows all the right things to say and doesn’t push you to talk about your last relationship unless you want to. He will be very cute with the child, teaching them simple Chinese and Korean words and dancing. He’d be very supportive of you too, making sure that everything he’s doing is okay and that you’re comfortable. The last thing he wants is to do something that would make you uneasy.

Yixing: *Dancing with the baby on his lap* Chogiwa~

{y/n}: “Really, Yixing? Wolf of all songs?”

Yixing: “But {child} is cute in wolf concept”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by kiimjongbae

Jongdae would be good with you when he found out that you had a child from a previous relationship. He would do everything he possibly can to ensure that you’re okay and he will support you in every way that he can. He will bring you flowers and small sentimental things to make you happy spontaneously, and will also treat your child too. He would be very sweet boyfriend.

{Child}: “I love Eomma!”

Jongdae: “I love your Eomma too.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Minseok would be incredibly supportive of you, and even though he spends a lot of time working, he would do his best to help you in every way possible and would provide well for the child. He wouldn’t push to learn about your past relationship, but he would want to know some details. He would be very good boyfriend and Father model {he isn’t nicknamed Xiudaddy for nothing}.

Minseok: “Hey {y/n}, I can be your Daddy too” *winks*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Tao would be surprisingly good when it came to this information. He would probably be rather bratty when it came to your previous relationship though and wouldn’t be very accepting of your past boyfriend. Sometimes he may be a little unhelpful when it comes to shopping or supporting you in that practical sense. But he’d always be there to take care of you if you need it and would be very considerate.

Tao: “Don’t worry {y/n}, I know you’re stressed so don’t worry. I’ll do the shopping today. This is a one time offer though, because I love you.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by wooyoung

Junmyeon feels as though his time being the ‘mother’ of EXO was a hard time until he found out you had a child of your own. He would be very supportive and would more than likely help you out more than any normal person would. He’d make sure you were all fine before going away for any great length of time.

Junmyeon: “I’ve restocked on tampons, food and tea bags. If you need anything make sure you ring me. Okay?”

Lu Han

Originally posted by lu-are-perfect-my-deer

Luhan knows how much responsibility it would be to look after a child, but regardless of that he decided to stay by your side. He’d be really sweet with you and the child. During the day had help out by looking after and playing with the child. At night time he’d sing your child to sleep before coming to you and snuggling into the night.

Luhan: “Blow it like a flute~”

{y/n}: “LUHAN!”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by fy-kimkai

Jongin would be one of the most supportive ones of everyone. Mainly because he would spend a lot of time talking to you about any problems you have. He’s very concerned about your mental {and physical} health, so he makes sure to put all of that before anything else. He also helps out with the child too, making sure that they’re happy and have everything that they need. You’d often come home to find Jongin playing with your child and the dogs in the living room.

Jongin: “How about we take him out for a walk? We can stop at the park on the way!”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Kris wouldn’t admit it, but he likes spending time with your child a lot, and will sacrifice a lot for them. He’d also be low-key supportive of you too. He wouldn’t show his concern outright, he’d do it in more discrete ways, which are in some ways more caring. He’d make sure you’d eaten properly, and make you text him to make sure you got home safe every night. And on the night’s he’d stay at yours, he’d put your child to bed, and he’d never admit it, but sometimes when you secretly poke your head around the corner, you’d see him reading your child a bedtime story or singing him a song softly to help him fall asleep.

{y/n}: “So, Percy the Park Keeper is your favorite, huh?”

Kris: “What are you talking about?”

{y/n}: “I heard you tell {child} that it’s our favorite to read to them,”

Kris: “That information does not leave these four walls, understand?”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I hope that you've had a wonderful vacation and that you enjoyed yourself!! If it isn't too much of a bother, can you do what married life / dad jooheon is like? Thank you!

This is so cute! Thank you so much for requesting!!!!

  • waking up facing him and pressing your hands against his bare chest
  • him not even opening his eyes to tell you good morning
  • and then he would tell you he loved you and he’d kiss your head
  • he’d watch you get ready and talk to you
  • when he finally did get up he’d walk to the kitchen with you to make breakfast for the two of you
  • he’d make you a warm drink and make you sit at the table while he cooked breakfast
  • going grocery shopping with you and pushing the cart as you placed things in it and checked your list
  • he’d admire you a lot
  • folding laundry with you but he can’t fold for shit so in the end he’d just match up socks
  • telling bad jokes while the two of you are folding the laundry
  • “hey Y/N, what did the laundry say to the dryer?” “hmm, what Joo?” “you dry me crazy!” “hey don’t roll your eyes Y/N! that was a good one!”
  • having game nights
  • if you were to tell him you were going to have a baby he’d hug you and cry into your shoulder
  • and then he’d tell everyone that he was going to have a baby
  • doing EVERYTHING for his child
  • teaching his child how to rap
  • doing aegyo on his child to make them feel better
  • taking 3,000 pictures of his child and framing them and sending them to the rest of Monsta X
  • Jooheon would be so proud of his family and he would love all of them so much and he’d make sure you all knew how much he loved you and he’d also make sure the rest of the world knew how much he loved you
Exo reactions to their baby kicking for the first time

/Ahh, too cute!! <3/

Baekhyun: *shocked and excited*

“Woah, they kicked!”

Chanyeol: *starts talking to your belly*

“Hello little guy, daddy loves you!!!”

Chen: *super excited he’s gonna be a dad*

“I’m gonna be the best father ever!”

D.O: *can’t stop smiling, he’s so happy*

Kai: *starts being all adorable*

“We’re gonna have a little baby together!”

Suho: *proud dad who can’t stop smiling*

Kris: *super happy he’s going to be a dad and acts all cute when your baby kicks*

Lay: *the feels*

“I’m gonna be a dad!!!”

Luhan: *does aegyo to your unborn child*

“Hang in there little guy.”

Xiumin: *acts super adorable*

“We gonna have a baby!”

Tao: *talks to your belly*

“I love you.”

Sehun: *no caption needed*

/this was too cute!! <3 Please feel free to leave requests!/

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request!! Mystic Messenger as a Kpop group!!!

this is super interesting! I had so much fun doing this, so thank you for this request!! also, it will be veryyy long so please enjoy!!!
also major spoilers ahead and credits to Cheritz for character information and Mystic Messenger :)

Group Name: MM Boys
Debut: July 8th, 2016
Company: Jelitz

Originally posted by leviackrrman

Stage Name: V
Birth Name: Kim Jihyun (김지현)
Nickname(s): Appa (meaning ‘father’ in Korean, called by all the members)
Nationality: American/ Korean
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: September 9th
Age: 27
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 179cm
Weight: 70kg
Blood Type: O
- father is of American descent
- fiancé of popular actress Rika
- his hobby is photography
- says that if he wasn’t a kpop idol, he would pursue something in arts
- very kind, shy and reserved
- if V wasn’t the leader, he would pick Jumin
- Jumin and V auditioned as trainees together
- always wears his shades wherever he goes
- also wears his lucky necklace all the time which he first got when he became a trainee

Originally posted by itsohreigen

Stage Name: ZEN
Birth Name: Ryu Hyun (류현)
Nickname(s): Zenny (started by Luciel as a form of aegyo, and then used by the fans), Actor ZEN, Model ZEN, Lovely Zen (created by ZEN himself)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Lead Dancer, Main Visual, Vocalist
Birthday: April 1st
Age: 24
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 182cm
Weight: 75kg
Blood Type: B
- has been acting since 16
- has done many modelling projects
- last member to be added to the group
- loves to take selfies and videos all the time
- most fashionable member
- has a signature wink whenever he’s on camera
- the only member who works out at the gym regularly
- generally gets along well with all members except for Jumin (“rivals”)
- rising singer Echo Girl once pressed charges against him for sexual assault but the case was dropped seeing there was no proof and that she was ‘accusing in hatred because ZEN rejected her’

Originally posted by itsohreigen

Stage Name: Jumin
Birth Name: Han Jumin (한주민)
Nickname(s): Juju (started by Luciel as a form of aegyo, and then used by the fans to tease him), Jerk (by ZEN), Old Man (by Yoosung teasingly)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Main Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: October 5th
Age: 27
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 184cm
Weight: 78kg
Blood Type: B
- if he was not a kpop idol, he would want to pursue business
- has a cat named ‘Elizabeth the 3rd’ which was given to him as a birthday present from V
- loves to dine at high-class restaurants
- prefers to wear suits for interviews
- has modelling jobs offered to him as well
- highest degree in studies amongst the other members
- once rumoured to be engaged with Sarah, a celebrity media mogul, but he immediately denied in one of the interviews
- once part of the national junior fencing team

Originally posted by ryokho

Stage Name: Yoosung
Birth Name: Kim Yoosung (김유성)
Nickname(s): Superman Yoosung (was given by Unknown when Yoosung was able to carry all the heavy items during one of the challenges for a variety show), Yoosungie (started by Luciel as a form of aegyo, and then used by the fans)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: March 12th
Age: 21
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 171cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood Type: A
- youngest member of the group, and the last to audition
- had always wanted to become a kpop idol since young
- everyone in the group treats him like a small child
- best aegyo
- if he was reincarnated into an animal, he would become a cute puppy
- generally gets along well with all members except for V (“rivals”)
- the hardest member to get up in the morning
- best cook of the group
- the only member with no dating experience

Originally posted by n-akahara

Stage Name: Luciel
Birth Name: Choi Saeyoung (최세영)
Nickname(s): Defender of Justice (created by himself to show that he’s a winner in one of the variety shows)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: June 11th
Age: 22
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 175cm
Weight: 69kg
Blood Type: AB
- married to famous model MC
- the most loud and ‘annoying’ member of the group
- loves pranking all the members, especially Yoosung
- has an unhealthy obsession with Honey Buddah Chips and phD pepper
- plays LOLLOL with Yoosung during their time-off
- the only member who does not feel tired despite lack of sleep
- best stamina amongst other members, despite Jumin having a sports background
- always singing in the shower

Originally posted by mysme-fangirl

Stage Name: Unknown
Birth Name: Choi Saeran (최세란)
Nickname(s): -
Nationality: Korean
Position: Main Rapper
Birthday: June 11th
Age: 22
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 173cm
Weight: 59kg
Blood Type: AB
- ‘mysterious’ member of the group
- twin brother of Luciel - younger, but more mature
- loves ice-cream and other sweet desserts
- when asked whether he wanted to have a stage name, he was unsure and hence Luciel suggested ‘Unknown’ to tease him, which ends up being his official stage name
- member with the most shortest temper
- only member without a nickname because he refuses to have one
- used to work under Mint Eye company but left to join Jelitz
- dyed his hair to differentiate him from his twin

Originally posted by shiawasejanaiyo

* there are three popular ships amongst the members: JuZen, YooRan, YooCiel
* MM Boys debut single is called ‘Mysterious Messenger’
* MM boys debut album is titled ‘RFA’
* the members share an apartment together: V and Jumin; ZEN and Luciel; Yoosung and Unknown share a room together
* their official light stick colour is gold
* has been in two variety shows since debut
* manager and publicist of MM Boys is Kang Jaehee
* has a wide fan base overseas and in Korea despite having only debuted for five months
* most popular member of the group is tied between ZEN and Jumin, hence the ‘rivals’
* their personal driver is Driver Kim
* ZEN and Unknown are the only two members who smoke
* Unknown and Yoosung are the only two members who dye their hair
* Luciel and Unknown are sometimes referred to as the ‘Choi siblings/ twins/ brothers’
* ZEN, Luciel and Jumin are the only three members with high alcohol tolerance
* before their first live, Yoosung was the most nervous
* Jumin is voted to be the member who would ‘most likely make the most mistakes during lives’
* V admitted to being a hardcore fan of ZEN’s acting performances
* the group aims to create music that will not only inspire the fans, but also motivate them to pursue their dreams
* MM Boys official merchandise are designed by ZEN himself
* when doing lives, ZEN will be the only member to remove his shirt for fan service and doesn’t put it back on while Jumin is the only member who does not show skin
* the scariest moment described by all the members is when Luciel almost burned their apartment down because he forgot he was cooking ramen
* Jumin is always teased for being gay, which started off as a joke from Luciel
* Yoosung once challenged all the members to a dare challenge in which he loses miserably and this story always gets told during interviews
* the boys are working hard every day, practicing and creating their own music
* the second album is rumoured to be release in summer next year

Ranking: Dating someone younger

“mlt to date a younger girl c:”

1. Hui
2. Jinho
3. Yeo One
4. Yan An
5. Yuto
6. Kino
7. Shinwon
8. Hongseok
9. Wooseok
10. E'dawn

(I don’t think any of them would mind much, so it may depend on their bond and how much younger they are~)

Monsta X as Fathers


Thanks for the request!!!!!!!! <3

-gifs not mine-

-these are all based on my opinion and might not be true-

-cute alert-



Shownu: He would be a loving father always bringing up how attractive his child is. Complementing you and himself on making such an adorable kid. 

Wonho: He would be a very caring father, making sure to do lots of things with his child. Such as playing and eating…

(For some reason this gif makes me uneasy, as if he’s been eating the same veggie wrap for months)

Minhyuk: He’d be a very compassionate father, just as he’s a compassionate person. Always carrying a picture of his kid in his wallet to show off to people at a moments notice.

Kihyun: He would be a picky father. Not really sure how to function around children at first. It would take him a bit longer to get used to it all, such as how messy and dirty children can be. 

Hyungwon: He would be a pretty busy father, with work, but any chance he got off he would try to please the child. Maybe singing the kid to sleep with his soothing voice.

Jooheon: He would be a cute father making sure the child has the art of aegyo down while doing mundane things. Though he would also think the child has aegyo without doing anything.

I.M: He would be a fun father. Playing games with them as if he were a child as well. Though he would also be a little forgetful probably forgetting the child at the park or the grocery store more than once.


Thank you for reading!!! Hope you enjoyed! If you did go follow my blog and also leave a request! :)